How to Dress for Different Skin Types: Winter Skin Type

by Karen

Perhaps you’ve heard about matching skin types with the seasons of the year and picking out your clothing accordingly. If you haven’t, one thing you need to know is stylists have been using this secret formula to dress their celebrity clients for years. Tricks of this trade are fairly simple but have been kept hidden from the public for a long time now. We are here to uncover the mystery and bring these golden nuggets of brilliant knowledge to you for free right here! Today we will cover the winter skin type, and the most suitable style of clothing for this type. One post is enough for one season type but certainly not enough for all of them. This will be a four part installment, starting now…

Before we start we want to cover what it means to be a winter type. You are a winter type if:

  • You’re a brunet or dark brunette with either blue or dark eyes.
  • Your skin varies from light snow white to olive.
  • You look noble
Actually there are two subtype of winter type: “Snow whites” and “South girls”. First type looks like Liv Tyler, the second, Penelope Cruz. There are many living celebrities and Old Hollywood Divas whose type can be categorized as a winter type. Here are a few examples of past and present winter type celebrities: Nicole Scherzinger, Salma Hayek, Anne Hathaway, Vivien Leigh, Elithabeth Tailor, and Audrey Hepburn. Below are the most appropriate colors for winter season type:
  • You should use deep and cold colors like pure black, white and black-n-white clothes. Your colors are also: steel, silver, deep red, dark brown, fuchsia, violet, cool purple and emerald.
  • Avoid: orange, classic golden, terracotta and all warm green colors.

Try to use silver and white metal, such as platinum for jewelry.

As to face and makeup: look at Dita. She is a great example of makeup for winter types. Use only light pink (if you’re snow white) or pale pink (if you are a south lady). Your eyeshadows colors are: grey, cool grey, smoky grey and dirty pink. Also very pale sparkling colors will make your eyelashes sparkle beautifully. Try to use only black mascara and black eyeliner instead of pencil. Use pale beige tones for Snow White types and olive tones for South Ladies. Try not to dye your natural color but if you still want to color your hair then red tones are a wise decision. French Diva Mylene Farmer used this trick to change her season type. So many people think she is Fall. As for selecting the wardrobe, celebrity stylists use this little trick: they use noble fabrics with only one main detail, symmetry is above everything in these sets, and if they use weaves then the weaves should be triangular or represent abstract geometrical figures.

Dark chiffon for all winter type divas

The stylists usually use dark leather (soft and hard), atlas, lurex and dark chiffon. These fabrics go beautifully with all winter type divas.

You can also revamp your look to that of a Winter cold Diva using all the tricks mentioned above.

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