How to dress for different Skin Types: Summer Skin Type

by Karen

A short while ago, we wrote about different skin types and how the 4 seasons represent which type you are. We described in lustrous detail what makes the spring and winter season types of ladies’ and the types of apparel that suites them best. This time we will talk about the summer season type. Despite its name, the summer appearance is very cool. Summer gals usually have cool blue eyes or cool grey-blue eyes, sometimes hazel eyes with skin that’s always a light pink or transparent pale pink. If you’re paying attention, you should notice that, the appearance of a summer type is overall very close to a winter type. So much so that all you need to do is dye your hair black and viola, you’re a winter type. This trick was once used by Charlize Theron’s stylists and they were very successful pulling it off. So the summer type is always cool with a tiny little bit of overlap with spring colors, but only in limited cases.

 You can be sure you are a summer type if you look like Marilyn Monroe, Reese Witherspoon, Natalia Vodianova or Michelle Pfeiffer. If your hair is a dark ash blonde color and your skin is very light then you are a very cool summer type… Catherine Middleton‘s classical type. If you are still unaware of your skin type, take this short quiz: You are a Cool Summer Diva if you have:

  • Cool blue eyes, cool ash hair or cool blonde hair, cool pink skin
Your goal is to keep a cool palette and avoid warm and golden colors. Your colors of power are: pastel blue, navy, soft pink and grey, soft fuchsia. These are truly yours. Cool colors of Baroque and Titanic Inspired Gowns by Nataya will brighten your natural beauty even though they look pastel.  You are a representative of Light Summer types if you have:
  • Dominant light in your outfit
  • Your hair color is light blonde our used to be light blonde
  • Light blue or grey eyes
  • Cool undertones and very pale skin
The best option for you is to use: light grey, soft white, sky and soft blue, light lavender, light navy and sometimes light beige colors. Overpowering colors are red and blue colors also bright yellow color may spoil your perfect look. Corset Light Blue Top by Nataya is another idea for you to wear if you are a happy Light Summer type.  You are a Soft Summer Season Type if you have:
  • Non-noticeable light or cool type. It is hard to define your type as pure cool or light summer
  • Sometimes hair has a mousy look with no natural highlights. While you are called a soft, your type may be mistaken for winter
  • You have ash blue and sometimes dark blue eyes
Try not to avoid certain winter inherited colors such as fuchsia. Also your best choice will be: all grey colors, purple, medium and light blue, raspberry, deep rose, navy and all lavender colors. Yet you should avoid bright orange and coral colors as well as black. Vintage romantic lavender dress is a brilliant style to go with your Soft Summer appearance.  All summer types should avoid gold jewelry and, like winter types, platinum bracelets and earrings are always a great option. Grey and dirty pink pearls must always be your best friends. They will make you look younger and extremely vibrant. Pink gold is another new option worked out especially for Summer Type celebrities. A tip you will get a great deal of use from. Jeans and Denim are your best wardrobe decision. They will go with any type of vintage corset tops. You should always use luxury patterns and weaves except for geometrical ones. Remember: floral weaves are your best friends. Working with Summer Type celebs, the stylists always use batiste, chiffon, silk, thin linen and lace fabrics. These simple tips for summer types always work and the Divas who abide by them, always shine on the Red Carpet. You may also like:

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