How to dress for different Skin Types: Fall Skin Type

by Karen

Fall is now the ruling because the season is upon us. In two month winter will reign and we will have to start thinking about Christmas gifts and Christmas vacations. But for now the pumpkin and pastry smells, falling foliage and gloomy clouds dominate our thoughts. Everything around is red, yellow, chocolate brown, orange and dirty green. These colors, which are great for red headed girls, give us the last skin season type: Fall. Common characteristics for fall are: red to copper brown hair, yet sometimes hair may be chocolate brown; green to hazelnut eyes, peach, beige and sometimes coral-carrot skin. This is the warmest type among the four season types, which can spell trouble when a fall type gal wants to become a spring type. Spring types are also warm but the difference is still so great that dying the hair color in most cases won’t help. Fall gals, on the other hand may become winter girls. Most Fall type celebrities are considered either mysterious or very optimistic. Judge for yourself: Rita Hayworth, Julia Roberts, Julianne Moore, Natalie Portman, Drew Barrymore, Eva Mendes… They all can be called either funny and optimistic or elegant and mysterious. And they are all representatives of the classic Fall Season type. Do you think it’s an accident that they noticed and wore green and yellow, grey and coral, brown and red etc.? No because these pairs are a natural match and they always work. These are your pairs of colors if you are a natural Fall type. Nevertheless, if you want to figure out the exact matches that work best for you, then you need figure out exactly which fall type you are. Luckily we’re here to help! The Fall types are divide into: Deep Fall, Soft Fall and Warm fall. Your type is Deep Fall if you have:
  • Dark brown, hazel or green eyes. Dark brown hair
  • Skin color is between deep and light tones
  • If you color your hair you can be mistaken for winter

In Brief, the classical deep Fall is Julia Roberts. Your best color matches are: Deep Brown and chocolate, Black, Tomato Red, Coral, Emerald Green, dusty colors of jeans. But you should avoid pale colors, blue colors and most lavender colors.

deep fall season type colors


Nataya Vintage 1920’s dresses are used with Fall season colors. Also you can try on vintage dresses of green colors.

Nataya Vintage 1920’s dresses
Vintage dresses of green colors

  Your type is Soft Fall if you have:

  • A little bit pale skin type, skin color can be neutral when choosing right tone
  • Hair color can be mousy blonde, dark blonde or ash brown
  • Eyes are light brown, grey-green, light green, yellow green

This type is Drew Barrymore and you will make the right choice when you start using beige, salmon, khaki, light and middle grey, light peach and carrot peach colors. Try to avoid black, dark navy and fuchsia colors.  Romantic style is the Fall girls’ best friends. Nataya Collection has plenty romantic gowns in beige. You can also dress golden classic sets, they will always work.

Plenty romantic gowns in beige

 And you have Warm Fall type if you have:

  • Warm skin tone
  • Warm green eyes, yellow green eyes
  • Warm red, copper red, golden brown hair

Debra Messing and Marcia Cross completely fit the descriptions above. Your companions should be orange, yellow golden, mustard, olive, dirty beige colors. Fuchsia, bright pink, black and dark blue are definitely not yours.

Nataya Oscar Dresses or other romantic warm gowns will mark your natural beauty and refresh the look.

Romantic Nataya Oscar Dresses

 Your weaves can always be different: folklore, ethnic, country, abstract etc. Romantic style is all about you. And if you always chose the golden, copper and bright metals for jewelry it was right of you to do so. Still you must avoid platinum and silver jewelry unless you are a Deep Fall. Because ethnic gowns are one of the best ideas for Fall types, the fabrics must be the same: drape, woolen fabric, velvet, velour, and light fabrics with tiger weaves. These tricks always work unless you are not sure of your natural skin and hair color. To detect your exact season type you should be aware of your natural hair and skin colors and do not take into account dyed hair color. The beauty is always inside, this was Mother Nature’s gift. It is all for you, the rest is to be revealed.

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