How to Dress for a Date

by Karen

For any woman, a date with a man (especially the first date) is one of the most significant events she must attend. Most young ladies ask themselves: “What should I wear on my date?” We have some good advice listed below to help you make sure your first date is also the first step to a closer relationship.

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When thinking about a man’s interests, you should always remember that every man wants to see his lady looking very romantic and feminine. That’s the key answer to your question about what you should wear. When getting ready to go out, you should avoid the “unisex” style or any “manly styles” such as frocks or tuxedos. Modest sparkling elements won’t be excessive. You can also accentuate your femininity with romantic colors and elements such as ruches, lace or guipure elements, and floral prints. Sex appeal is also very important, and young ladies should take that into account. Such appeal can be expressed in semi-transparent and airy fabrics, slits or décolleté. But you should still look rather romantic, as vulgar slits or transparent fabrics may scare your date (if, of course, your partner is not seeking an adventure in the bad sense of the term).

vintage style dresses for first date

(vintage style dresses for first date)

For the first date, a modest top in an off-shoulder or bare shoulder style and a modest slit skirt will be quite enough. Some dreamers may imagine that the newest style in your wardrobe will grab a man. But such clothing, especially if it was purchased before or after losing weight, may give you a really hard time. In this case, you will feel uncomfortable and behave like gals in bad comedies during their first dates. On the contrary, your man may think something is up or believe he does not appreciate your taste. Do not wear dresses that are too loose or too tight, as they may reveal your figure issues or “invent” new ones.

vintage style clothes for the first date

(vintage style clothes for the first date)

Many ladies completely forget about their lingerie. Remember one unbreakable rule: Wear only the best lingerie that you own. Such undergarments will hide the unnecessary volume of your body and slim up the necessary parts of your dress; thus, this style of lingerie will give you a bit of self-confidence. The right bra and tightened panties will help you and your romantic styled-clothes. Psychologists claim that you shouldn’t wear clothes that are too chic or too cheap, as they may scare your potential partner. They also claim that in such cases, a man may think that he cannot be with you due to his income or, on the contrary, he may think you are only interested in him for his money. It’s always better to wear tasteful clothing. Dresses in the Old Hollywood style are the best choice for looking romantic and showing off the perfect taste. The truly romantic style of dress will also help you look fragile and touching.

vintage style dress for the first date

(vintage style dress for the first date)

If you always show your personality, you always show your inner “I,” and thus, you won’t seem better or worse than you usually are.

You should also remember that the right dress for a date depends on the place where you will go. Your sport-style set (including top brands such as H&M or Sportmax) will look improper in the summer cafes, whereas the evening dress and high stiletto heels will look improper in the countryside golf club.

vintage style outfit

(the vintage style outfit for the first date)

Be yourselves, be romantic, and attract your man!

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