How to dress a bridesmaid

by Karen

The main question every bridesmaid has to hear before the affair will always be “what to wear this time?” The bridesmaids’ wear should be up to the chosen wedding line and must come out perfect in the group photo shoots. Here are the commonly accepted rules for the guests to wear:
  • Short dress or a short skirt set for the informal party
  • A Cocktail dress for the semi-formals.
  • Hats, gloves and vintage style bridesmaids dresses for the formal affair organized in daylight time
  • Long-length or midi cocktail dress for the formal affair in the evening
  • Long-dresses in dark colors plus different glam accessories for the ultra-formals.
Please, try to avoid the following typical mistakes made by bridesmaids:
  • Wearing a white or ivory gown (except for the occasions when bride wore informal colors like Mardi Gras purple, green or romantic red).
  • Wearing black gowns with sequins, beads or rhinestones for the daylight affair.
  • Not trying to coordinate the style and color with all other bridesmaids. At least, this is one of the bride’s main tasks to organize all her maids’ looks.
  • Modest feminine dresses always look cute whereas dresses that are too sexy, bare shoulder, strapless or very transparent gown may spoil not only the affair but also look terrible and improper in the photo shoots.
  • Wearing opera gloves can be perfect, but only if you worn with a strapless dress for the evening occasion. Strapless dresses with gloves generally look vulgar during daylight occasions.
  • Turning on our feminine logic, that is, intuition we may guess what colors and silhouettes will come out perfect. But even us gals, have grave doubts. It is always possible to dawn floral lace dresses in pastel colors for the daylight affairs and midi feminine dresses in black for the affair after 6. It works every time and everywhere.
In the movie “27 dresses,” the protagonists showed us the best example of the true bridesmaid. But again, it is up to the bride to introduce all the maids of honor before the occasion and, at least once, go shopping with them to choose the special wedding line. The bridesmaid herself should understand she will have to forget about the makeup and her hairstyle and walk with the bride all affair long. That means everlasting lipstick on the lips and a comfortable dress on. You will not have much time to fuss with your dress during the day, which means you really have to rethink wearing a beautiful yet inconvenient dress. Your outfit must remain the same in the beginning and in the end of the day. And , surely, your bridesmaid apparel should correlate with the chosen theme of the wedding. Your Orient-Express gown or palazzo sets will look improper during a flapper style wedding party, and your bohemian gown will look foolish during a baroque style event. The most popular colors among the maids of honor are silver, emerald green, atlas raspberry, blue, pink or golden. But, again, if the bride prefers an informal wedding gown in offbeat colors then you can either correlate the colors or correlate the length: your midi or mini against brides’ tea or long length or, vice versa, your long dress against bride’s midi or mini. If you plan a wedding affair for Fall you will look perfect dawning clothes in chocolate, yellow, red, orange, henna, brown, golden, yellow, olive or green colors. The blue, violet, pistachio green, purple or red will look perfect in snow winter. Azure, light lime, light golden, crème or dark green will look perfect on the beach where the background is full of sand in light colors. One of the classic ratios is when the bride dawned the full-skirted dress and the bridesmaids wore the tight-fitting dresses. Again the fabrics should correlate with those on the bride’s gown. If the bride wears lace your perfect atlas or velvet may not be up to the chosen clothing theme. The skirt or palazzo sets are perfect if the bride wears a one-piece dress. But if the bride gave her preferences to a trouser set then you should wear a mini. The gloves may be inconvenient accessories, you will have to help photographers or parents on the wedding day, and it may prevent you from doing everything quickly. Yet on a rainy day, you should always have a reserve pair of stockings and a natural tone in your clutch. They may be very useful. When choosing the perfect pair of shoes, take into account you will have to stand a lot, dance a lot and go here and there giving a hand to your fellow bridesmaids, photographers etc. So the shoes should be very comfortable and you should wear them at least twice before the affair. The midi-heel shoes will always be a convenient solution. Do not wear high heels if the bride is far shorter than you. In this case you can even wear ballet dancer style shoes. In conclusion, here are the most popular colors, silhouettes and length of Nataya dresses which can be used as the sets for the maids of honors.
The red carpet dress in Fuchsia

The red carpet dress in Fuchsia.


The romantic pink ballerina dress


The romantic pink ballerina dress.

The vintage romance dress in Lavender

The vintage romance dress in Lavender.

Nataya Flapper style set

Nataya Flapper style set.

The Neo-classic dress in Lavender.

The Neo-classic dress in Lavender.

the casual styled dress for the bridesmaids

The casual short Nataya dress.

The babydoll Dress by Nataya

The babydoll Dress by Nataya

Old hollyood style for bridesmaids

The Old Hollyqood Glam Dress by Nataya.

The Vintage inspired short dress

The Vintage inspired short dress.

The 1920’s style dresses by Nataya

The 1920’s style dresses by Nataya

Using your sense of intuition coupled with your love for the bride, you will be a very successful bridesmaid!

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