How to choose plus size gowns for winter affairs

by Karen

We would like to reveal simple rules to pick up the right wedding gown for plus sized bodies. For now however, let’s put aside wedding dresses as the secrets we will reveal lie in evening gowns and bridesmaids’ dresses. The dress to be chosen will fit right and conceal all figure flaws, making you look truly tasty! Some gals including plus sized gals think that plus size is a common figure type. To say the truth that is far from it. The figure types of all plus sized gals are comparable to those of regular sized ladies: triangular, rectangular, apple shaped, hourglasses and the pear. Be honest with yourselves and really try to find out what type of figure you are! The figure type even for plus sized bodies plays an important role, maybe even significantly more important than for regular sizes. The first type of figure is the pear type. This type of figure is described by a narrow shoulder line and plump hips. The gals of this type must wear A-line dresses where the bottom tapers out below the waist. Remember to pick up dresses that are close to your eye color - they will go great and complete the look. Contrary to pear shaped bodies, the triangular ones have massive shoulders and tempting bust lines. Airy dresses are an excellent choice but the waist line must be free of any accessories like belts. The straight-cut dresses with bell-bottomed lower parts will make your silhouette more proportional.
Airy dresses vintage

(bell-bottomed lower parts)

If the aforementioned types wish to add some accessories, using styled bracelets or watches will be a wise decision. Massive beads and necklaces are not for you! If your shoulder line, hip line and bust line are almost equal whereas you have a slender waist – you possess an hourglasses type. The main mistake hourglasses ladies make is buy dresses in order to accentuate the waistline. That results in overt focus on the hips and/or shoulders only. The right choice for hourglasses plus sized figures will be moderate fitting and non-atlas made dresses. Having a massive bust line with more or less proportional hips and waist clearly demonstrates that you belong to an Apple shaped figure type. The most excellent option for you will be wrapped dresses, heart shaped necklines or dresses with some whimsical accents along your bust line.
Vintage style dress with bust line elements

(vintage style dress with bust line elements)

Here are some special rules for all plus sized gals: always choose fitted but not tight-fitting dresses. Avoid wearing shapeless garments. Nobody doubts that dark colors work great to slenderize your silhouette lines. Yet, if you use vertical elements that stand out, then even light dresses will slim your silhouette visually. Always purchase size-to-size items of clothes! Some gals like cheating because they try purchasing a size larger to look airy. They try to look much more slender by choosing one size smaller also. In both occasions you are “adding” new flaws to your figure on top of the existing ones!


Light vintage sets with vertical elements

(light vintage sets with vertical elements)

Black kaftan sets to slenderize silhouettes

(black kaftan sets to slenderize silhouettes)

Palazzo pants will work mainly with plus-sized bodies of the rectangular type. The gals who have proportionately (approximately) even hips, bust, waist and shoulder lines are said to posses the rectangular type of figure.

black palazzo sets

(the black chiffon palazzo set with embroidery on a black background)

Dark background with prints or vertical embroidery on a dark background will also work great for you! If you pick up a black dress with a tiny floral print or embroidery you will look far more slender. The last drop in completing your attractive style will be an evening gown with a perfect décolleté. To accentuate your perfect bust you can dawn a V-neck evening gown.
V-neckline white dress

(V-neckline dress)

v-neckline tops for the plus sized gals

(V-neckline vintage style tops)

Single-color dresses with V-necklines in midi or long length will come out perfect. But if you still insist on wearing several colors and mixing them up, let them overflow. The geometrical elements of whimsical shapes, stripes and strokes of brushes (surely, the printed ones) will also go with any plus sized gal’s silhouette.

1940' style dresses for plus sized ladies

(One color Vintage Dresses by Nataya)

berry pink vintage dress

(overflow colors in vintage dresses)

If you choose atlas as the basic fabric for your dresses, let it be without ruffles and frills. These elements are better suited for skinny ladies. Choose guipure or lace in contrast shades of the same colors. The heavy velvet, heavy atlas or heavy leather won’t be suitable for your figure!

vintage style sets for plus size

(long airy sets in dark colors)

All these simple tips will work every time you choose your winter apparel for very important affairs!

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