Choosing that perfect plus size wedding or prom dress

by Karen

Sometimes it’s difficult find the perfect prom or wedding dress for plus size women, but don’t panic, we will teach you how to make the process easy and fun. We will teach you how to find an evening outfit that will not only make your plus size frame look elegant but also a little bit thinner. Fortunately, there are now many vintage designer dresses for women of any age and body type. And we hope that some of our recommendations can be helpful for you to select a prom or wedding dress of your dreams. You’ll be surprised that you are just one mouse click away from the most amazing inexpensive vintage plus size prom or wedding dress. There are a number of online clothing stores for full figured women and they definitely have several beautiful and elegant evening dresses which will fit you perfectly. However, before you go out in search of a stunning special occasion gown you should learn a couple of techniques to make your purchase as successful as possible without wasting a great deal of time searching around the net.
Vintage Style Plus Size Dress
The first stage of the search for you perfect prom or wedding dress is measuring your body. For instance you can rely on a professional tailor, of which there are many who could measure you with pleasure and for only a tiny fee. However if you’re a do it yourselfer, you can measure the parameters on your own, or ask your friend or family member for help. One tip to when doing it on your own is to always measure yourself over underwear. Measure the waist, hips, bust and record the measurements in inches and centimeters(it’s important to record both as online retailers ship from all over the word and may have different standards). And when you are buying a vintage gown in the 1920-1930 style, please, note that it should be loose. This style perfectly conceals plumpness, and the whole look is lighter and more romantic. Do not forget to pay attention to the fabric, texture as well as the quality the outfit of the outfit. Vintage evening dresses should be sewn from high quality fabrics paying close attention to assure they are not crumpled and nice to the touch. Do some research to determine which fabric will work best for you. In addition, before searching online for a plus sizes vintage prom or wedding dress, walk into a brick and mortar shop and try on couple of styles to see which suits you best. Of course in comparison to online stores brick and mortar shops have a modest assortment that is often priced higher. Therefore, after you determine what style, cut, color and fabric emphasizes the advantages of your figure best, you can easily find a similar style online. Loose, vintage style gowns perfectly hide weight in the abdomen, hips and legs. Women with a magnificent bust should look at the dresses with a deep v-neck. Beautiful embroidery could further highlight the beauty of your bust. If you looking slimmer is your goal, choose the A-shaped silhouette dress. Decorative accents such as lace and ruffles will help draw attention toward the parts of your figure where you are blessed. Follow these simple tips and you will find a dress that makes you look irresistible and feel great!

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