A Happy and Tasty Wedding: Choosing Your Cake Topper

by Karen

We hope you're hungry. Today we are moving away from our talk of fashionable wedding dresses, shoes and accessories. We’d like to explore the fun and tasty fashion of cake toppers.
Regardless of whether you are a traditional or alternative bride getting married for the first, second, or third time, every lady wants a phenomenal wedding cake. Half of the uniqueness of your cake sits right on top. So, we move our focus from your dress to your cake. Is your mouth watering yet?
No one can be sure about the exact history of wedding cake toppers. However, the most commonly accepted version claims that the daughter of a baker once asked her father to make a special cake that would surprise her guests. Her father thought long and hard before finally deciding to top the cake with tiny replicas of the bride and groom.
Here’s your guide to choosing the perfect wedding cake topper.
Limitless varieties of cake exist. But it is important to know that not every cake topper will suit your specific cake. Two primary factors to consider are the theme and color scheme of your cake.
The color palette should not blend with the background of the cake; otherwise, you won’t be able to see the topper when you look back on photos of this memorable occasion. By the same token, don’t choose an overly dominant topper that will take the focus away from your cake. Be sure that the size of your topper corresponds with the size of your cake.
Next, determine how long you will want to keep your topper. If you plan to pass it down to your grandchildren, you’ll need to select a durable material, such as porcelain or metal. If you have in mind to simply enjoy the topper for the day and in your photos, consider plastic, marshmallow, or sugar toppers. Another fun choice: to eat or not to eat. Edible toppers are fun and can be enjoyed right along with your cake.
Common toppers include figures of cherubs, fairies, elves, swans, pigeons, cartoon heroes, bride and groom figurines, or even digitally produced copies of themselves. Some couples opt for humorous representations of themselves. Others choose animation protagonists, such as Shrek and Fiona or Donkey and Dragon.
Pinterest and Facebook are exploding with pins and posts of unique cake toppers. Visit offbeatbride.com for loads of stories and photos of fun toppers. If you possess an artsy or DIY bent, consider making your own topper. Check out etsy.com to order handmade toppers. Your cake bakery should also have a great selection.
We wish you a happy and tasty wedding!

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