Hairdos for the ladies over 50

by Karen

Most of the ladies over 50 start thinking about their style again. Ladies should always look like noble landladies regardless of their age, “before” or “after” 50. Yet most of them start a new search for their perfect hair style comparing themselves with the Hollywood Celebs.

We already brought you great ideas on what to wear after 50 to look gorgeous. And having these ideas, we are sure, you will succeed. But here comes another important question: what hairstyle to choose? The actual over 50 hairdo should have some or all of the following:

1) It should disguise the wrinkles on the forehead 2) It should deflect attention away from wrinkles near the mouth or eyes 3) It should make you look both elegant and bright Sometimes ladies (and even celebs are on this list) go off the deep end and forget about the necessary rules when choosing the right hairdo. The perfect hairstyle must be up to the social status, age, natural beauty, season color type and it also must give a sense of self-confidence. Ladies at this age always have their aces of trump: their femininity, their experience and even their unique views on life’s problems. Some stylists believe the ladies at their 50 MUST have short haircuts. If the shape of your face “permits” and you have tiny or large features (let alone you also have a swan neck and perfectly shaped eye brows), you can afford having such haircut. If you, conversely, have irregular features such as your nose or eyebrows, you can choose another style for your hairdo. Elderly ladies should always remember this fact: their hair grows slower and gets more fragile. You should have your hair cut every 2-4 month to cut off the split ends. Also you should remember applying hair masks based on olive oil. Forget about Artificial hair integrations as it will likely look improper for your age! It is better to play with the colors and tones of your hair. If you’re blonde or have light brown natural hair color, hair highlighting is a perfect decision to look younger and more gorgeous. Haircuts with many layers are another splendid variation for ladies over 50. Such haircuts always look styled and graceful, and, volumizing the hair, making you look younger. Slight hair waves and any slight waved similarity looks attractive and fresh! When an elderly lady becomes a granny she must set an example both for her grandson (he must know how graceful women should look at her age) and granddaughter (the granddaughter should think about the sense of style regardless of her years). They should catch all eyes and the eyes around them must sparkle with delight! Look at the most successful Divas on the Red Carpet after 50. Fonda or Streep or European Divas like Catherine Deneuve! They all do not deceive their age. And as for Deneuve she didn’t even undergo any plastic surgery operations. And we still admire them. The best hairstyle, the kept charm and a perfect gown are not the secret anymore. Most of Divas over 50 have medium-sized hairstyles (finishing at the shoulder lines) and most said hairstyles are multi-layered both in color and in cuts. The hairstyles in question (“framing” the face oval) disguise the wrinkles. Thus, they manage the main task of any hairstyle, - to conceal age! You should always remember that fair tones make you look younger whereas the darker ones make you look older. Again we should remember about the color types. The ladies with eyes of warm colors should give their preferences to warmer shades of blonde (honey blonde, bronze blonde) will do best. Blue, cold green or cold grey-blue eyes will look perfect with red shades. Take Vanessa Redgrave as a good example. If you still insist on dying your hair into black you should wear only styled and extra ordinary haircuts. As for the ladies aged 60 and up, they can afford a perfect short haircut that should frame the oval of the face. And again do not forget about hair masks and split ends! If you insist on wearing waves let it be the 40’s or 30’s inspired finger waves or just waves finishing at your shoulder. If your waves finish below your shoulder line you will, thus, accentuate you neck. And you probably remember that that neck is the biggest problem spot for ladies over 50, let alone 60.

haircuts over 50, the celebs' samples

Remember the following names of the most suitable haircuts: Flapper or the “belle époque” inspired bob. It great for gals of all ages. Check it! All eyes on Jenna Elfman! Who will claim she is 42? A better example is Gale Anne Hurd. Short shag cut.

Let’s have a glimpse at Sharon Stone. Any other explanations? Short choppy cut will go great for the ones who want to look styled even with darker hair. Short locks are the perfect solution for curly hair. The best examples are Glenn Close and Meryl Streep. The medium sized bob will go for the ladies who cannot leave the length of the hairstyle. Look at Dianne Kitton. Nicollette Sheridan wears layered locks in length no lower than her shoulder line! A perfect example! Whatever haircut was chosen, you should remember one thing: self confidence and the smile will go with any of your perfect elderly look. And keep in mind: the vintage style was born thanks to the style of the rarity and self confidence!a

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