The Grecian Style for Prom Balls 2012

by Karen

The Grecian-style dresses and sets are more than just popular, and there are some reasons for this phenomenon. Most young gals no longer want to look shocking; rather, they want to look very feminine.

Grecian-style white dresses

The full skirts — the hard skirts à la Vivienne Westwood, hard and harsh corsets à la Dita von Teese — no longer appeal to most of our youth. After the last Oscar ceremony, most young gals will probably want to imitate the Grecian styles in midi and maxi lengths.

The last red carpet showed off a multitude of colors, including champagne, crème, beige, ivory and snow white.
Vintage dress in ivory

Thus, many gals will probably decide to wear something Grecian regardless of the length because the colors play an important role in Grecian-styled drama.

Grecian-styled drama dress

(Vintage style Grecian Dresses)

Who Will Look Splendid in Grecian Dresses?

The “effect of the Greek goddess” that these dresses provide will look really gorgeous on tall girls or gals of average height. Such gals should have petite or regular figures. Plus-size gals or regular gals with tempting upper parts are better off avoiding Grecian-style dresses. Obviously, Grecian dresses accentuate the bust because they have V-neckline elements or upper waist styles. In both variants, your upper parts will look more massive than they usually appear.
V-neckline dress

All petite ladies should choose Grecian-style gowns carefully, as this style is supposed to tighten their figures. The Grecian style of dress (unless it is in midi or short length) will make any young lady look taller. So, you should also think carefully about the proper style of shoes and heels.

The Grecian Dresses

As we have already mentioned, it’s often better to wear the Grecian style of dress in the white color. However, each of us has our own peculiar color type, so the cold white color is not suitable for everyone. Fortunately, there are several other proper colors for the Grecian style: • crème • beige • milky • pearl • ivory • light blue, mint or ordinary blue
Grecian Dresses in blue

In other words, you should select your Grecian dress according to the season and your skin type. Such dresses should definitely be made of rigid fabrics such as chiffon, silk, light atlas, tulle and so on. It is better if all these fabrics have a matte finish. As far as the length, the classic model of the Grecian dress is supposed to be long, but many prom gals will not want to limit their choice to this length, and they may even decide to wear short-length Grecian dresses. 

Short-length Grecian dress

The best classic variation of the Grecian dress has strap elements over the neck or opened neck zones. The asymmetrical style of the dress plays an important role. The upper waist should be accentuated with a belt in a Grecian style or any other similar elements. It goes without saying that the basic color of the dress has a determining influence on the other accessories you will choose for prom parties. Thus, if there is a risk of not pairing some accessory properly with your dress, you may refuse to wear any unnecessary accessories.

Grecian style dress

(vintage style grecian dresses)

Accessories for the Grecian Style of Dress

The shoes that you wear with your Grecian-style dress should be easy to wear, light, graceful and glossy. Sandal-style shoes (both flat and high-heeled) will go with the aforementioned dress style. These shoes are currently available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and looks, so you need not worry about pairing your style of dress appropriately with your sandals.
Grecian Style of Dress

(vintage style grecina dresses)

The one rule to follow when it comes to sandals is that wedge sandals will hardly go with the light and airy style of a Greek goddess. The straps may be thin or thick, but they should remind you of the Greek style of sculpture.

It would be great if you wear accessories made of metal rather than gems. The classic color for these accessories is gold, but silver or platinum jewelry will also look perfect.
Vintage style grecian dresses

(vitage style grecian dresses)

Huge rings or chandelier-style earrings (if they match your face type) will complete your Grecian look.

BUT WAIT! Your neck should be free of any accessories or jewelry. The Most Suitable Prom Hairstyles to go With Grecian-Style Dresses The most important rule for any Grecian-style hairdo is not to let your hair be unbounded. Locks may be gathered on the back of your head, and you may also choose a bun hairstyle. However, do not forget to include airy-style plaits in your list of “must-have” possible hairstyles.
Suitable Prom Hairstyles to go With Grecian-Style Dresses


(vintage style Grecian dresses)

Neutral and natural colors of makeup go best with Grecian dresses. You may accentuate your eyebrows, and accentuating your eye lines in gold (for gold accessories) or silver (for platinum and silver accessories) will finish your Grecian-style makeup. Your lips should be accentuated with a lip gloss of that matches your lip color or lip gloss in a vivid natural color. If you follow these tips, you are sure to be the goddess of the prom ball!

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