Father's Day Dresses

by Karen

Hand in hand, a man walks down the sidewalk with his daughter. He has watched her grow and change. He has walked her down the aisle and kissed his new grandbabies. Now they stand together with her hand draped through his elbow, dressed to the nines and ready for a night of ballet. Honoring your father and his influence in your life should never be compared. In honor of this Father’s Day, we give you some ideas on how to make the day special for dad (or your husband) with a couple special Father’s Day dresses to go along with it.

 A Night of Jazz: For a classy occasion, find that dive bar with the best Jazz in the city and treat your father to a fine martini. The goal is to make the day special and to spend a few moments honoring the father’s role in your life. A vintage dress such as the burgundy Nataya is appropriate for going out with Gramps or taking your husband out for a special occasion.

Vintage dress in red
 A Night of Jazz
Picnic Wine and Cheese: Although a lady loves a picnic, anything special can be imagined for Father’s Day. For this occasion, look for light and airy Father’s day dresses that will cool you in the summer months and yet make the afternoon special for him.
Picnic Wine and Cheese vintage dress
 Picnic Wine and Cheese
Dine and Dance: Take your father or husband to a gold-gilded dinner affair at the local hotel lounge or a fine seafood restaurant. Father’s Day dresses should be unique and also fit to the occasion. To brighten the room, choose a gown that is made with gold or pastel tones. With just the right touches, you will be comfortable and daring for the holiday.
Gold or pastel tones
 Dine and Dance
A Museum Visit: If the fathers in your life are art lovers, why not venture to the museum for a bit of fine and elegant viewing? Whether you choose the modern art museum or a small portrait gallery found on a street corner, choose a dress that has artistic design such as the Art Deco 1920s dress. Father’s Day dresses wouldn’t be complete without a refined vintage style such as this.
A Museum Visit Art Deco 1920s dress
A Museum Visit
Summer Love: What would you do without Father’s Day dresses that were made for the outdoors? Since Father’s day is at the beginning of summer months, you will want to look for outdoor attire that is complete with coverage but contains romantic and special occasion design. Take a Titanic-styled vintage dress for a summer afternoon at the golf course, gardens, or just for a walk in the park.
Titanic-styled vintage dress in ivory
Summer Love
A Theatre Affair: Finding Father’s Day Dresses for an evening theatre or opera will make the statement. Focus on darker colors for an evening look, but you don’t have to go too dark. Black dresses, although iconic, can be tiresome when worn again and again. Look for luminescent fabrics and unique designs such as this Gothic romantic gown. Unique and traditional, you can feel young while still carrying a refined style.
Gothic romantic gown
 A Theatre Affair
It’s impossible to imagine a father’s influence in a girl’s life. While the day seems to slip by so quietly in the summer, you can still plot a plan to take your father or the father of your children away… if just for a few hours. Father’s Day dresses should be both proper and unique, taking the occasion to its height of specialty.

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