Express Your Gratitude With Gorgeous Gifts

by Karen

It is a common and classy tradition to give your guests a party favor, or a small token of appreciation, for sharing in your wedding celebration.
Recently, a team member attended a Japanese-Russian wedding with a ladybug theme. The ladybug décor was virtually everywhere, from the cake to the centerpieces. Guests took home adorable ladybug pendants, key chains and ladybug figurines. The couple even left the wedding in a retro Volkswagen with a ladybug design!
Start brainstorming what types of gifts you’d like to give you guests to thank them for supporting you on this special day. The party favors should line up with your wedding theme and colors.

Purpose of Party Favors

There are so many expenses to consider when planning your wedding, but don’t forget that party favors serve as a keepsake that your guests will remember and talk about for years to come. This is one of the biggest moments of your life. A party favor is a way to help your guests truly feel that they were part of the celebration and commitment that you made to one another.

Party Favor Ideas

Bonbons are delectable candies originated in Belgium and are also known as bonbonnière. They are a tasty treat that can be purchased at wholesale price to save money. Other delicious variations include themed macaroons, marmalades and cookies.
With so many different taste palettes and possible food allergies, herbal tea bags with your names and wedding date are another fun option.
Compile CDs with songs from your wedding or reception or give your guests aromatic soaps or candles with your names and wedding date imprinted on the outside. Check out for some fun ideas that won’t break the bank.
If you hold a beach or marine style wedding, consider sachets of seashells, bracelets made of shells, decorative jars filled with sand and shells, lovely pieces of coral, miniature frigates, or small compasses.
A fun idea is to give out coins from the location where you will have your honeymoon or wedding ceremony. Shop for seasonal fruits to use as place settings on the guest tables.
If you plan an Asian-themed wedding, use lovely paper lanterns as both decorations and presents for your guests. Chinese or Japanese fans are another novel idea. Bonsai trees serve as unforgettable and lasting gifts if they fit within your budget. Origami figures of cranes are exotic but less expensive symbols of prosperity and happiness.
For you lovers of DIY, attach recipes or instructions to your party favors or consider assembling a kit that allows your guests to make their own unique version of the gift.
Get your creative juices flowing as you dazzle your guests with unforgettable party favors.

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