Empire-Style Dresses by Nataya

by Karen

An empire-style silhouette is probably the most breathtaking silhouette of all because of its unusually high waist that is gathered near or just under the bust line. The skirt of this silhouette style used to be long, but now it refers to the classic style and silhouette of the empire dress. Today, even a tightened style of dress that finishes at the knee line with the upper waistline may be called the empire-style gown.
Empire-style gown in white

Let us say a little more about the empire silhouette. The outline of the classic-style empire dress definitely turns any silhouette into the pear shape. Therefore, this style is especially good for gals with a triangle or hourglass figure. However, pear-shaped gals who yearn to emphasize their feminine figures despite their narrow chests won’t find better a silhouette for this purpose. Classically, this style of silhouette was designed to disguise the stomach area and emphasize the bust line. Thus, this style is a godsend for brides who are expecting to deliver a baby soon after the wedding or pregnant ladies who are going to some high society affair. This style got its name thanks to the French Empire, and it was extremely popular during the 1800s–1820s. But to most English-speaking ladies, this style symbolizes Jane Austen’s heroines, who were living in the same epoch as Napoléon Bonaparte. Early samples of the dress were inspired by the Grecian style or the Greco-Roman art that appeared on antique vases. The ladies tended to look like Greek goddesses. Thanks to this tendency, a new silhouette called the empire dress finally appeared. Unlike the Greek tradition, the empire style called for ladies to wear heavy corsets with the upper waist, which was not good for mothers who wanted to have more children or for pregnant ladies. Today, the evolution of the dress has made significant progress, and we may now adjust this dress to the 2010s, Napoléon’s times or even Victorian-style traditions. It’s interesting to know that English women’s styles were oftentimes referred to as “regency,” but the style of the French Revolution appears more timeless. Thus, we refer to most of our feminine and tender dresses that have the upper waistline elements as empire-style dresses whether they have the long skirt (tightened and loose) or not. The term empire dress or empire silhouette was had a rebirth in the early twentieth century in Great Britain. So, one may confess that the British and French have presented the world of fashion with the most enduring style ever. Nataya’s collection is also full of empire-style silhouettes and dresses. Let’s take a look at just some of them. About 70 percent of Nataya’s dresses can be called empire dresses thanks to their upper waist or upper waistline elements. Some of the silhouettes do indeed remind us of the days of regency and Napoléon, and some of them do look like Victorian reincarnations of empire-style gowns. The Vintage-Style Gowns in blush and ivory were tailored according to the canonical rules of empire silhouettes. Want to look noble and simple simultaneously? You won’t find a better style and silhouette.
Vintage-Style Gowns in blush and ivory
Vintage-Style Gowns in rose
If you insist on wearing a pure regency-style dress that was, in its turn, inspired by antique vases, you may want to consider Nataya’s perfect antique-style semi-regency semi-Grecian dresses. We are hinting at a gowns such as Dress AL-3303 in antique ivory.
Vintage Inspired Antique Ivory
Ladies who prefer modern empire styles may be delighted with the Lavender Rouched Babydoll Dress 40041. This style goes best with bridesmaids’ apparel.
Lavender Rouched Babydoll Dress
Nataya’s Mermaid-Style Gown is the perfect mix of the classic empire past and present trends in the classic genre for bridesmaids’ silhouettes.
Nataya’s Mermaid-Style Gown
Those who prefer modern evening styles will definitely “fall in love” with the sexy Empire Dress in short length.
Empire Dress in short length
The Empire Garden Dress is perfect for a Jane Austen-style wedding. It is great for the garden-style wedding, which reminds us of homemade weddings in the gardens that resemble Old England properties. It also looks like the modern reincarnation of the gowns that were extra popular in those days. There is only one difference between this new dress and the older models: these new dresses do not demand uncomfortable corsets.
Empire Garden Dress
Fans of the empire style may dress their bridesmaids in one of wardrobeshop.com’s bestsellers — the Empire-Style Dress in tea length. The dresses are available in two color palettes: lavender/beige and charcoal/berry.
Empire-Style Dress in tea length
The most passionate dress among all empire-style dresses by Nataya is the Empire Red Ball Gown 40103 Nataya Tulip Dress. This dress is loved by risky prom gals who tend to be more passionate than romantic.
empire style dresses red Ball Gown
The Nataya Romance Dress is available in S size for very petite and fragile ladies. The lavender style of dress is splendid for spring or summer formals.
Nataya Romance Dress in lavender
You may also discover the huge collection of empire gowns in the “Titanic Dresses” section of our shop. These dresses will help you really embrace empire romance. Listen to your inner voice to find your romantic style of empire apparel!

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