Embroidered Wedding Dresses

by Karen

With a long line of guests to greet, the wedding party prepares for the long haul. Holding the guests hostage? The intricate beading and embroidery of the bride’s gown. These are made to texturize and glamorize any dress. Embroidered wedding dresses will make the bride sing. Structured or flowing, vintage or modern, this type of style will add romance. For this look, choose a dress that fits your body type and wedding theme. Which look would you love?

  Vintage Bloom: Be the blooming vintage bride with a titanic-inspired bridal gown. Enjoy embroidery along the soft layered hem of this Downton Abbey-inspired style. With an added 3D effect to the dress. Make sure you have the drop waist and sleeves to match the era. While some sleeveless dresses emerged at this time, a more traditional look may be the best choice.

Downton Abbey-inspired style in white
Vintage Bloom
Champagne Chic: With elements of modern and vintage, a chic sheath is just what we ordered. Embroidered wedding dresses wouldn’t be complete without bridal attire such as this. Covered in seamless embroidered overlay and lace. This decadent textured dress style has everything a bride would need.
Champagne Chic in white 
Champagne Chic
Alternative Romance: The alternative or second wedding bride may choose something a little less traditional. Comfortable, regal, and defined with Victorian lace, this masterpiece won’t disappoint. Embroidered wedding dresses in this style will be long without a train and have a possible overlay that can be attached for particular modernity.
Embroidered wedding dresses
Alternative Romance
Mermaid Ribbon: Combine the romance of a mermaid dress with embroidery. Enjoy this lovely blend of ruched rubbon and a sheathed mermaid structure. Complete a dramatic bridal look with this style. A soft and luminescent ivory keeps this dress from being too traditional. For this style, make sure the embroidery is along the waist and bust. Allow the length of the skirt to cascade below with additional curls.
Mermaid Ribbon vintage inspired dress
 Mermaid Ribbon
Regal Rose: Embroidered wedding dresses are perfect for a winter wedding. They allow an added layer of threading to keep any bride warm. For this look, don’t go shy on the embroidery. Made to create effect, take this long-sleeved wedding gown such as this Sue Wong. Ideal for weddings with a sheathed, no-nonsense style. Packed with intricate all-over embroidery.
Regal Rose Embroidered wedding dresses
 Regal Rose
Nothing compares to embroidered wedding dresses. Whatever the length, style, or cut, the design is what truly defines. Wedding themes will all agree. There’s always room for a little more embroidery in our lives.

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