Dress Your Best as a Pregnant Bride

by Karen

The purpose of an engagement is to give the couple plenty of time to prepare for their wedding. Many engagements often last between 6 to 12 months. However, sudden news might demand a rush order on your ceremony planning. The joyous time of pregnancy can pose several challenges as you make decisions for your big day. But with good planning, you can have the wedding of your dreams!
Some couples are against holding the wedding during the time when the bride-to-be is pregnant, as there are many changes and accommodations that must be made, such as food, beverages and, of course, her dress. Other couples choose to get married as soon as possible so that the bride can still wear the same dress. Still, there are many brides who decide to get married in the middle of their pregnancy and make the necessary adjustments with a joyful mood.
Experts recommend holding the wedding ceremony any time between the third to sixth month of pregnancy. During these months, there is less chance of fatigue, nausea and the general stress of the first trimester. By the same token, women tend to be more physically and emotionally drained near the end of pregnancy. Holding the wedding in the middle of your pregnancy greatly reduces the level of stress and anxiety that you may face in the midst of planning and preparing for two life changing events!

The Dress

Once you have chosen your wedding date, it’s time to start shopping for your dress. Your belly might start growing rather quickly, so it’s best to purchase your dress two to three weeks before your wedding day.
The Titanic wedding dress is perfect for ladies with smaller bellies who are somewhere in between their third to sixth month. However, if you choose to get married right away, any wedding dress by Nataya should look elegant on you. That being said, we do recommend that all pregnant brides avoid corset style dresses, as they can make breathing a bit uncomfortable.
Titanic wedding dress in white
Vintage inspired dress with the petal-style sleeves
The dress with the petal-style sleeves
Consider how much or how little emphasis you want to place on your belly. If you choose to get your dress tailored, you will need lining that can stretch with your body for utmost comfort.
Ladies who love the vintage style need to take their current weight into consideration. If you are already showing your beautiful belly, the empire dress is smashing. Wardrobeshop.com’s closet is stocked with gorgeous empire style gowns. Choose from any length, including tea, knee, or ankle.
Wedding dress in knee length in white
Empire style dress for the pregnant bride
Ladies with slender legs look great in the two or three piece set. Go with the Palazzo set for a super maxi skirt. The white cocktail skirt gives you a vintage appeal.
Our plus-sized gals look amazing in the A-silhouette. This bellbottom skirt, with its 1920s inspired low waist and narrow shoulders, flatters your pregnant belly by drawing attention upward to your shoulders. Avoid the cap, puff, leg of mutton, Juliet, or lantern sleeves. However, strappy tops as well as kimono or petal sleeves give you a smooth and slim look. All of the Titanic style dresses at wardrobeshop.com have the petal sleeves. If you prefer the 70s style kimono sleeved dress, you absolutely must get the V-neckline, which is the signature attribute for this dress.
1920's style kimono sleeve wedding dress
Vintage inspired 1920's style dress low waist
Of course, for the spring, summer, Indian summer and warm fall days, you should opt for the tulle, cotton, silk, or chiffon style dresses. However, stay away from lace appliqués, as these may cause you to itch. Instead, go for silky embroidery. You will also want to avoid sparkling ornaments and fabrics, as they may make you look bloated or heavy. A pastel palette will have a slimming effect on any bride.
As you accessorize, remember that your skin may be sensitive to certain types of jewelry. Choose high quality silver or white gold necklaces. Steer clear of extremely heavy earrings and necklaces. A small string of pearls or tiny pendant on a chain will emphasize your beautiful round belly.

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