Dress Code: How to Compose Your Evening Wardrobe

by Karen

You must shine in a casual 3-piece set during the meeting or briefing, and then you‘ll have to shine at the corporate evening affair. To compose your perfect style, wear Nataya.

 There are plenty of 1- or 2-piece sets, tops or trousers to harmonize with your casual office dress code, but after you take off the office garb, you will sparkle under quite another light. So, what are the sets by Nataya that can be worn easily under the office jacket or carried in your casual handbag? Before we start, please remember two important rules. First, try to wear darker colors. As for the shoes, you may wear black classic shoes with stiletto heels or just stiletto shoes with midi heels. These shoe styles are a “must” if you want to shine after a long day of work or the negotiation of a successful contract! The second rule is to use the special liners and eye shadows from your daily makeup to make smoky eyes or cat eyes. In so doing, you will take the first step toward making your office look into the perfect evening apparel.

Vintage Inspired In white


Unfortunately, no dress can be worn after a day at the office unless you live near your office location. That’s why you need really versatile apparel. If you are able to return to your place for a while, you should have a simple black dress and accessories ready to wear. A simple black dress, such as Nataya’s Tango Dress, will hide the signs of your fatigue. Pair this dress with a silver chain or a string of pearls. You should still remember, however, that this is the only time when you will be able to wear a dress. If you live far away or have no intention to return home before the evening affair, you will still have to wear or take with you the necessary top or jacket.

Vintage Inspired Tops and Tanks
(By the way, all the aforementioned principles work well if you have a date after an annoying day in the office.) So, let’s start looking through the vintage-inspired sets by Nataya. You may wear the Nataya Shell in black and Nataya Palazzo Pants with the modest office jacket, and take the Titanic-Style Jacket with you. After the working day, you will need to change jackets and refresh your makeup using smoky eye colors.
Nataya Shell in black
The Victorian-Style Tank is easily replaced with the office shell to make your skirt or palazzo office set into the perfect retro-style apparel.


Victorian-Style Tank
Another “candidate” to replace your office top may be the Nataya Victorian Lace Top in black. You may wear it if you are going to opera or the corporate evening event. If so, you can be sure that all eyes will be upon you!


Nataya Victorian Lace Top in black
The Poetic Peasant Top won’t need much space in your office handbag if you would love to emphasize your pretty blue eyes during another date after the hottest day in the office.


Poetic Peasant Top
Replace your office jacket with the Nataya Bolero in black. Pair it with your casual and modest 2-piece set (shell + pants or shell + shirt), and you will see how it works. Of course, the perfect stiletto shoes are needed, too! The Bohemian Wrap in black also works according to the the previous principles! So, as you see, you may turn any casual office set into great evening apparel.


Bohemian Wrap in black
If you want to look really passionate, wear the Nataya Vintage-Style Jacket in berry. Red passionate colors over the black will remove all signs of fatigue, and you will be ready to seduce!
Nataya Vintage-Style Jacket in berry
We hope these tricks will be helpful for your perfect evening look!

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