Day and Night Dresses

by Karen

She goes from an afternoon holiday brunch to a cocktail evening without batting an eye. Without fixing her makeup. Without changing her dress. For the ladies who need the ever-impressive and elusive, take a dress that can go from an afternoon family occasion to a night club in a pinch. Day and night dresses are both proper and extravagant and can carry defined style that will keep you begging for more. If you're looking for the best types of day and night dresses, search for these types of dresses to set the right mood, day or night.

Go with Gold: Gold has the uncanny ability to travel from morning to evening without a change. It is light and incandescent, while formal and refined enough for an evening occasion. Day and night dresses in gold shouldn't be too simple, however. Without texture, design, or folds to detract from the metallic shade, you'll come off looking like a mirror for the sun. A dress such as this Sue Wong is delicately gold with embroidery and textures to ensure its day counterpart isn't alarming.

Vintage Inspired Sue Wong in gold 
Go with Gold
Patterns Are Your Friend: While you may think that patterns are for day dresses, many patterns give formality and depth to a simple dress and can easily be transitioned to the evening. Day and night dresses with patterns are a tried and true versatile item. For this look, find patterns that are darker than the fabric. In a light hue, the dress is easily accessorized for an afternoon. The dark pattern will ensure that your dress is perfect for an evening of jazz and dancing.
Vintage Inspired Dress
 Patterns Are Your Friend

Don’t Shy From Midi: The evening cocktail dress is typically hemmed at the thigh. When you’re looking for the right dress for all occasions, don’t forget that there are other lengths than short for an afternoon affair. Focus on old Hollywood styles such as this Nataya Empress dress. Imagine Marilyn Monroe walking into the room. Did she ever wear anything above the knee? Not often. The midi, or mid-length dress is incredibly versatile for today’s use.

Nataya Empress dress in sand

Don’t Shy From Midi

Don’t Shy From Black: Don’t think that you aren’t allowed to wear a black dress to an afternoon occasion. If you want day and night dresses in black, look for a cut and style that is less sexy and more traditional with defined formal elements that keep it from being unattractive or ill-fitted. The tea-length sleeveless dress is a prime example of this structured, seductive style that can do any time of day, and do it justice.

Tea Lenght black dress
Don’t Shy From Black
Style is Everything: The cut and style of the dress defines its quality. Truly versatile day and night dresses will all have elements of day or night affairs that blend with certain colors to make it work. An empire waist or a slightly longer hem will make that dress go from one event to the other without a misstep. And don’t forget that a good, clean burgundy can go just about anywhere.
Empire waist vintage inspired dress
 Style is Everything
We know what we want. A dress that can go the distance is priceless. For any afternoon wedding, any late night date, day and night dresses will be your go-to gown when you’re standing in front of the mirror saying, “I have nothing to wear!” Let something deliciously romantic and vintage define your next event.

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