What color is your wedding dress?

by Karen

What color is your wedding dress? Many are thinking, "well, white of course!" However, brides today may choose alternative colors for their gown. While there are no limits on which color you pick, we recommend you take a peek at the latest wedding trends for inspiration.

Pale pink A pale pink wedding dress evokes a unique charm and sense of romance! A lovely pink hue will turn your gown stunningly iridescent.

Lavender  Pale lavender gowns are unique, elegant, and simply sparkle with silver shoes or sandals! Lavender is especially suitable for a retro-themed wedding.

Grey marble How unique! Light grey gowns look festive, feminine, and refined. To fully pull off this look, your gown should be made modern and trendy with lace or embroidered accents.

Gold The fantastic splendor of gold wedding dresses certainly stands out! Luxurious golden gowns can be embellished with lace, embroidery, and stones.

Blue  Your "something blue" can be your gown, too! Delicate shades of blue create a truly gentle and breezy look. This charming and elegant hue can be accented with harmonious bright accessories.

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