Choosing the Right Shoes for Your Next Dance. Part II

by Karen

Continuing our discussion on shoes, we must point out that you need to pay special attention to the fastener. Some ladies, namely brides and mothers of young brides, prefer shoes with no fastener. However, the pros recommend cross-shaped or half cross-shaped fasteners.
It is common for brides to remove their shoes many times during a photo shoot. Consider a hook-based fastener to protect your mani/pedi while you slip in and out of your shoes.
The classic T-strap fastener is ideal for the Charleston and Edwardian inspired dances. For all of you who are not professional dancers, we sincerely recommend vintage style shoes with the T-strap fastener.
Vintage style shoes with the T-strap fastener
As for the classy European dances, such as the Waltz, Cotillion or Foxtrot, we absolutely adore the court shoes. You can choose from the long toe or the elliptical shaped toe. Ladies with wide feet and toes of relatively even lengths will prefer the elliptical toe. Those with thin feet or toes of varying lengths should opt for the long toe court shoes.
Long toe court shoes
long toe court shoes
To help you in the shopping process, we’ve matched our shoes with the types of dances for which they are best suited. These models are available in all sizes for brides, bridesmaids, mother of the brides and guests.
Of course, you can choose any shoe you’d like, but we want you to be completely informed on each model so that you can dance the night away in the right pair of shoes. This is why you won’t see high heels or wedges mentioned here. All in all, the T-strap shoes are the most versatile model, allowing you to comfortably move from the Meringue to the Charleston.
When choosing your shoes, be sure to check out the width of the toe. If you have foot problems, such as calluses, bunions, or a hammertoe, you’ll want to select a model with a wider toe box. For added comfort, we strongly recommend silicon pads for your shoes.
Flapper style wedding shoes in Tuquoise, Model "Ginger"
Here’s a little trick that your grandmother may have used. If your shoes fit too loosely, soak a cotton ball with vodka and wipe the tightest area of your shoe. You will be amazed how much more comfortable they’ll feel the next time you slip them on.
We want you feeling and looking your best when the big day arrives. Please wear your shoes at least two or three times before the wedding to help break in the shoes. This way, you can dance the night away without worrying about sore feet and blisters.

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