Choosing a perfect wedding veil

by Karen

Many gals rejected this truly wedding accessory long ago, having preferred the modern or vintage inspired accessories like bands, vivid flowers etc. But some still prefer this time honored tradition even if they wear the extra mini shorts or miniskirts as wedding apparel. The wedding veil is a very important element of the overall bridal look. And by the way, the veil can enlarge or shorten your height. Also it may make your face rounder or, conversely, make it longer. So if you insist on wearing a wedding veil you should choose correctly! Do not follow the latest fashion wedding trends; choose only the veil that really match you perfectly. To choose the right wedding veil you should take into account two factors: overall silhouette including the wedding gown and the type of face you have.

The veil for the oval faces

Stylists love this type of face let alone any fans of wedding fashions. It is commonly accepted that any type of makeup, hats, accessories, veils go great with this type of face. Indeed, such a face is in perfect harmony with both short and long veils. You can also have a single layered or multi-layered veil. They all go great. So as for the type of veil, an oval-faced gal needn’t worry about the type and style of veil. But matching it to the style of her dress and silhouette is certainly a good idea. Frilled and airy dresses in long lengths will go well with midi-sized veils, whereas extra short ones will go better with mini veils (even multi-layered ones). And If you prefer something truly vintageous like a long dress in the 1910’s style, art-deco or flapper-inspired dresses, a better decision will be bands, art-deco inspired tiaras or wreaths and, definitely, a bird-cage veil for the flapper inspired dresses.
For the offbeat and alternative brides, who prefer Spanish gothic skirts or flame styled tango dresses, the better choice is, surely, Spanish combs!

Veils and accessories for the round face

As we already mentioned, stylists will advise a high hairstyle to make facial features longer and to balance the overall look.
If you decide to wear a veil you need to create a wavy effect. A wavy veil, falling down to the shoulders and cheeks will also make features more balanced and far longer. Use one or two layer veils in order to de-emphasize plump cheeks. The cascade styled veil will also go great. A round faced gal should choose a longer veil to make her figure and silhouette both slender and graceful.

The veil for the long face

You need to follow the principle of contrast. If your face is really long then the veil must be multi-layered. It can be both long and short. If you prefer a short veil let it be multi-layered. Such veils go great with airy dresses, and long ones goes perfect with country style or long 30’s inspired gowns. One thing you should keep in mind is this: if you chose a long veil it should contain many levels.

Veil for a triangular face

The main goal of such a veil is to make the chin of the bride rounder and less sharp. All you need is to adjust the veil so that it drops near the chin. You may have the veil end at your shoulder line with several levels. The plum waves will deflect attention away from your chin. Don’t about the overall silhouette, here are some fashions that won’t go with the chosen veils.

The veil for the face with protruding cheek bones

If you have such type of face you will need to wear a veil that has a wavy drop. It may be multi layered and long. This gives the illusion of an oval face. If you preferred 2-3 layers they will also go splendidly, but do not cross the line, remember: the 5 layers or more is too much! Long veils make the figure slender and a bit tallish. And such type of veil won’t go with super full skirt dresses.

Veils for the square face types

The chin and cheek bones of the bride should be given the fleur of grace and for you, the dropping veil will go perfectly. You can even afford wearing a Victorian veil up to 9.8425197ft! If you prefer a shorter alternative the better option will be a veil that is about 3 ft in length.
Whichever veil type you chose, remember to first pick up a perfect wedding gown, and only then get to looking for the veil.

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