Choosing the perfect color for your retro wedding dress. Part I

by Karen

We have found that gals, both young and elder have asked for our help in selecting the perfect color for their wedding dresses. Some gals believe in fate and horoscopes, others prefer picking up clothing guided by their season color type, and others care about historical values and the chosen wedding themes…We have decided to end the confusion and bring a little guidance to the complicated process of choosing the color to wear on these very special occasions.

Historical and themed colors

Some gals believe that if they have not been married before they are obliged to wear a white dress because of historical traditions. But the reality is far from it! Some experts claim that white dresses became the official expression of virginity and innocence during Napoleon’s reign. Gals of those days preferred to wear dresses in a Grecian style. Most dresses were tailored in white others could be seen in light golden or champagne colors. The bridal style in Ancient Greece was very bright and colorful. Ancient Greeks were the first fashion designers who offered to dress the bride in non-casual wear. Apart from this, sir Walter Scott persuaded many gals that medieval dresses were decorated with orange blossoms. And many gals followed his narrations decorating their medieval inspired dresses with blossoming orange flowers. Such influence was called fleur d’orange. And if you take into account the fact the orange trees blossom once a year, then the reason becomes a little more clear… Nonetheless true medieval colors were blue and pink. Pink was a symbol of gentleness whereas blue symbolized the Virgin Mary or the Holly Virgin. If you want something specific, choose wedding dresses with pastel or correlating colorful elements. Statistically, gals prefer colorful wedding dresses for their second weddings. In the 30’s, there was the Paris fashion house “Ardans”, that was making recommendations based on the time a lady was getting married. White dresses were tailored for first marriage, pink ones for second and a black dresses were provided for third marriages. Nevertheless, there are many Victorian inspired brides among our customers. And during Victoria’s reign, many other superstitions dominated people’s decision-making. Here are a few: Married in white, you've chosen right Married in blue, your love will always be true Married in pearl, you will live in a whirl. Married in brown, you will live in town. Married in yellow, ashamed of your fellow. Married in green, ashamed to be seen Married in pink, your spirit will sink. Married in gray, you'll go far away. They sound pretty funny now. But let’s continue. Other historians claim that white became the symbol of bridal wear is primarily due to Queen Victoria, when she married her husband Albert wearing a snow-white dress. The recent weddings of Prince Albert of Monaco and Prince William, clearly demonstrated the classic snow –white preferences of their spouses. So the Kings and Queens are still in demand of good old classics. Dresses that depending on color types The palette of white and ivory was broadening thanks to hi-tech development. And modern stylists sincerely recommend choosing a wedding gown depending on your color type. Red headed gals will shine in crème or green. If the gal has black or hazelnut eyes the better colors will be champagne, ivory and the above mentioned crème.


New Vintage Titanic Tea Party Dress in Sage by Nataya


(The Titanic inspired gown in Sage)

Blondes should give their preferences to apricot, grey-blue, golden-grey colors.
Golden Grey vintage style set

(The Golden Grey vintage style set)

The brunettes will look splendid in silver, pink or snow-white wedding gowns while ash-blonde gals will look radiant in milky, rose-white, white-to-green and white-to-lavender dresses. If the gal has dark, olive or tanned skin, she will look splendid in crème, golden, lime, ivory, lavender or red colors.
Titanic inspired dress for the brunette gals

(The Titanic inspired dress for the brunette gals)

Nataya Romance dress in Lavender for the ash-blonde brides

(Nataya Romance dress in Lavender for the ash-blonde brides)

The gals with brown hair and hazelnut eyes will look perfect in lime and yellow dresses.
Nataya Grecian Dress

(Nataya Grecian Dress)

If the gal has big grey eyes, she will look splendid in white dresses with some green, periwinkle, violet or pink elements. To be continued…. Other themed colors:

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