How to choose your perfect vintage top

by Karen

To speak of the perfect wardrobe means to pick up the perfectly suitable tops. In choosing your tops, you should always take into account basic criteria such as your complexion (i.e. season type), your figure type, your flaws, and your face type. When it comes to choose a perfect gown or a skirt the process is a bit easier. The upper part however, is close to your face and it may emphasize your personality. Choosing the wrong top may have a seriously adverse effect on the overall outfit even if all you missed is one small detail… Not to worry! We are here to help you by showing a few of the the main tips to choosing the perfect top to reveal your personality and make your natural beauty more present and you more attractive! For sure, the “must-have” of any wardrobe is a black short length dress or polo neck. In this case, you should be more than just attentive as well. In other words, you should accentuate all your naturally beautiful traits and remove the flaws.

Pear type

In short, if you have a narrow shoulder line, a slender waist and wide hips, you are a pear type. That means you should add some additional volume to your upper torso! Your best friends are horizontal elements and prints, upper pockets and horizontal stripes for your upper body. Some examples of such are bustier shaped tops and tops with puffy sleeves. As for your neckline, you will look perfect when wearing tops with round to square necklines. Also you can use large collars without any fear. Should you choose to refuse shoulder straps, your perfect neckline will benefit and will look splendid! Look at Natalie Portman, she often uses this method.

bustier shaped tops and tops with puffy sleeves

 (puffy sleeve tops)

Victorian lace black tops

 (many ruffled upper elements, Victorian lace tops)

Inverted triangle body shape

This is the opposite of the pear type. The Inverted Triangle is a lady who has a wide shoulder line and narrow hips. Hence, these gals need to make their shoulder look smaller. You can use blouses and tops with wrapped upper elements. V-neckline will solve your little problem. If you want to have some shoulder straps, use wider straps. ¾ sleeves, flutter or batwing sleeves play an important role for your silhouette.

Inverted triangle body shape

 (batwings sleeves Nataya tops)

Wide straps beaded camisole

 (wide straps beaded camisole)

Rectangular type of figure

If you have both wide hips and shoulders and approximately the same waist (the difference between the waist line and hips line is less than 11 inches), you have a rectangular body type. That means you just cannot do without high waist t-shirts, dropped neck neckline. Also you may purchase any top with prints and frills. Put some accent on your waistline which means you should create your waist in an artificial way.

Upper waistline element top

 (Upper waistline element top)

You should use ¾ sleeves or very long sleeves. The rectangular body type may be paired nicely with volume and rolled sleeves. You should use the illusion of twisting and curving so that everything appears very harmonious. You are lucky because you can use wide belts and vary them every day and season! 

Whimsical ¾ sleeves with curving illusion

(whimsical ¾ sleeves with curving illusion)

Twisting and curving dress

 (another idea for twisting and curving)

The Hourglasses type

The hourglasses type means you have wide hips and wide shoulders but narrow waistline (the difference between waist line and hips or shoulders is more than 11 inches). If you are a little bit skinny and petite then you have no restriction for your wardrobe, anything will go with your outfit. But if you are a bit plump then use the rules below:
  • · ¾ sleeves or very long sleeves
  • · Heart shapes or lasso shaped necks
  • · Sometimes V-neckline
  • · High waist (or empire) blouses or wrapped style blouses
Hourglasses type top

 (long sleeves peasant top +V neck)

Upper waist line tanks
 (upper waist line tanks)

Apple shape

You are almost of the same type as the hourglasses but you have one problem area… your belly. You should hide your belly line and attract as much attention as possible to your upper body (neck, shoulders and face).

Long sleeves without accentuation on the waistline
 (long sleeves without accentuation on the waistline)

You can use wings-shaped sleeves, ¾ sleeves and long-length sleeves. The fashions must be simpler in comparison to the aforementioned rectangular body. Use heart-shapes and v-necklines.

Heart-shapes and v-necklines
 (3/4 sleeves for apple shapes without extra elements)

The sets with protruding zippers and zipper-like elements on your side will go perfectly with your nature. Forget about belts, except for the cases when you put something on to make your lower body wider.

Wings shaped tops in flapper style
 (wings shaped tops in flapper style)

And here is some important style guidance for you to keep in mind:

Casual tops are the basis for all wardrobes; you can match any suitable trousers or accessories with them. You should have at least 3-4 casual pieces in your wardrobe. Thus, this will save your budget and make several outfits and different looks at the same time. Varying just the accessories will create perfectly unique daily looks! Any wardrobe should include a white blouse or ivory blouse (depending on your season type) because these colors are used to match many different styles and colors. It is of no use to overfill your wardrobe with different tops. It is better to buy 3-4 casual tops and 1-2 evening styles, but sure they are of extra high quality. We hope all these tips and ideas will help you create your personal style and pick out perfectly sublime casual or evening sets!

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