Chapel Apparel for the Mothers of the Uniting Couple

by Karen

Dear ladies, today we would like to share with you more ideas on how to celebrate the classy chapel wedding, but this time we are talking to the mothers of the bride and groom.
For chapel weddings, we have loads of happy customers who have chosen the Titanic line for the ceremonies of their children. We begin with the best-selling dresses, which are labeled Edwardian or Downton Abbey inspired.
First stop for the mothers of the bride and groom is at our newest arrival in Titanic family called the Sage and Peach Titanic dress. The pastel colors and nude shades of this dress are specially designed for ladies of all ages with the added bonus of making you look even younger. 
Sage and Peach Titanic dress
In keeping with the age-subtracting theme, many of you will love the sage and nude variation of the Titanic chapel dress. This is by far the most popular model on our site. Check out the story of Veronica Johnson Cavis, who preferred this exact dress for the wedding ceremony of her daughter.
New Vintage Titanic Tea Party Dress in Sage by Nataya
Ladies who prefer to look Downton Abbey’esque should check out the Titanic classy dress in amethyst. The Titanic style dress is also available in tea length, ideal for tea ceremonies or garden dances held after the chapel ceremony.
Titanic classy dress in amethyst
Titanic classy dress in amethyst
Now for the lady who proudly displays her age, we bring you the saturated colors and shades for the chapel dresses. The second most popular model is the Black/Coco Titanic dress. It is oftentimes compared with Mary Josephine Clawley’s dress, seen on the first episodes of the Downton Abbey series.
Vintage Inspired Black/Coco Titanic dress
However, our closet is full of other ideas, such as the Chocolate Titanic dress. Blue-eyed ladies of all ages will radiate beauty in the Titanic dress in Gun/Metallic. Consider the mauve colors in the Titanic signature vintage dress.
Vintage Inspired Chocolate Titanic dress
Titanic dress in Gun/Metallic
Titanic signature vintage dress in mauve colors
The third most popular dress is the Titanic dress in black. This dress will look splendid on ladies over 30, with the signature features of this dress inspired with the early 20’s in Great Britain.
Vintage Inspired Titanic dress in black
For our mothers of the bride or groom who love the fashionable rose and golden colors, we proudly present the Vintage Titanic dress in Rose/Gold. Check out the same colored dress in a different variation, with short sleeves and straight bottom. Or you might just fall in love with this new design by Nataya – the empress dress in Rose and gold. This particular dress is also recommended for the ladies who love chapel and tea wedding ceremonies.
Vintage Titanic dress in Rose/Gold
Vintage Titanic Inspired dress in Rose/Gold
Vintage Titanic dress in Rose/Gold
The team here at is extremely excited to present the two newest arrivals by Nataya inspired by the Edwardian era. First of all, we’d like to showcase the Nataya Ecru lace top and lace skirt. This two-piece, Downton Abbey style outfit is perfect for all the vintage inspired mothers who are looking for the right chapel ceremony outfit.
Nataya Ecru lace top and lace skirt
The Butterfly top and bronze skirt by Nataya is another classy two-piece outfit. It falls under the category of Downton Abbey’ esque as well as art-deco luxurious.
 Butterfly top and bronze skirt by Nataya
But wait! We’ve can’t forget about one of the most vital pieces to your chapel ceremony: the hat. We are delighted to present the modest but luxuriously made collection of wedding hats designed by the one and only Louisa Voisine Millinery.
If you choose the Titanic style dresses in Gun/Metallic or black colors, you will love both the Lady Heidi and Lady Katherine models of our chapel hats. If you prefer the ecru, cream, mauve or nude colors, Louisa Voisine’s Lady Alexandra will captivate your attention.
Lady Heidi Hats
Lady Katherine Hats
Louisa Voisine’s Lady Alexandra Vintage Hats
To top off today’s discussion, we give you Louisa Voisine’s adored Lady Laura Hat, which goes perfectly with the silver, ecru and grey shades of Nataya’s dresses.
Vintage Louisa Voisine’s adored Lady Laura Hat
Dearest mothers, thank you for choosing for the chapel apparel as you prepare for the second biggest day of your life, the uniting of your children.

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