In the center of attention: The Sleeve

by Karen

Designers have a great opportunity for experimentation with this one clothing component - a sleeve. A sleeve can completely change a look. It can be lengthened, shortened, decorated, cut, tied, etc. The emphasis on sleeves is very noticeable this season. Want to update your look to the newest fashion craze? Buy yourself some garments with original, unique, designer sleeves!

In the distant past, the length of the sleeve was a symbol of economic class. The longer the sleeve, the wealthier you were assumed to be! In aristocrats they were so long, lush, so richly decorated with lace, braid and cuffs that even if you wanted it was pretty much impossible to do anything - just beautifully spread your hands in the air, smoothly moving in the dance at assemblies and balls. In this spring-summer season, romantic styles in the fashion scene are on the rise, and the sleeve plays an important role here.

Hose-cylinders from the Victorian era are now included in the gallery of actual retro images! Another, sexier option are bare shoulders, where the whole arm is covered and only bare at shoulder level. But our main advice: first study, carefully consider all shapes and styles, find what you consider to be suitable for yourself - and then take it into service for your own custom, in-season shoulder look!

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