Buying a Garden Wedding Dress?

by Karen

Tips for Buying Garden Wedding Dresses

Vintage Inspired Garden Wedding Dresses

Garden weddings are becoming increasingly popular among today's brides. A wedding outdoors is perfect for nearly everyone including new brides, second-time brides, or anyone who would prefer a more informal wedding. Garden weddings are a great way to take advantage of nature's beauty as a backdrop to one of life's most meaningful ceremonies. With garden weddings come garden wedding dresses!

When looking at garden wedding dresses, it is important to keep a few key points in mind: Formality, function, and style. Concentrating on these three points will guide the bride in the right direction while deciding between garden wedding dresses. Outdoor weddings are typically very informal. The rigid traditions of church weddings are not a factor and the dress needs to reflect the more laid-back environment. Garden wedding dresses should not be stiff or overly ornate. Avoid corsets, dark colours, heavy beading, and full, ballroom skirts. Garden wedding dresses should be loose, relaxed and simple.Garden wedding dresses should be a light colour, such as whites and pastels. The bride should be complementary to the natural environment, not brash against it. Linen and chiffon are especially popular to give off a light, airy feel. This is not only meant to fit in with the surroundings but to be practical as well. With sunshine and warm weather potentially playing a role in the wedding, the bride will benefit from wearing lighter clothing to stay cool. Because of the informal atmosphere, garden wedding dresses can be any length. Dresses hitting just above the knee or in the middle of the calf are the most popular lengths among garden wedding dresses. A light, three-quarter length sleeve or tank-top style are ideal for being outdoors.Garden wedding dresses need to be accessorized. Because the dress is simple, jewelry and hair accessories can be more extravagant. One of the biggest trends this year is chunky turquoise jewelry, which would be beautiful with a light dress to balance it out. Flowers in the hair would be an excellent touch to tie the look together with the natural surroundings. Since the wedding is outdoors, do not wear skinny heels. Doing so would cause the bride to sink into the ground with every step. Wear a flat shoe, cute wedges, or no shoes at all. The shorter length of garden wedding dresses are the perfect opportunity to show off a stylish shoe. Above all else, the bride should enjoy her very special day surrounded by loving friends and family. The best accessory on any bride's wedding day is a healthy inner glow. These tips will ensure the bride will have a beautiful outdoor wedding without committing any potential fashion foes. The groom will be a very lucky man, for sure.

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