Bring Forth Emotions of Happiness and Nostalgia: Celebrity and Royal Weddings

by Karen

Almost any wedding will bring forth emotions of happiness and nostalgia. But, weddings of celebrities and royalty provoke our deep-set memories of fairy tales or playing dress up as children. No matter what their profession or political stance they embody a beauty seen through the years. These brides are truly amazing; each with a style of their own. Here are a few from over the years that have taken our hearts.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Regardless of where you stand politically, Hillary and Bill’s wedding attire is a simple sophisticated style. Celebrating their recent anniversary, the old wedding photos are circulating the web. See for yourself how cute this couple was before all the drama. In true 1970s feminist fashion, her dress was simple with peasant sleeves and eyelets. The ceremony took place in the living room of their home. You can get a similar look with this dress.
Hillary Rodham Clinton 
Hillary Rodham Clinton

Kate Middleton

She was the epitome of a princess on her wedding day. That dress was every little girl’s dream gown; all the sparkles and lace. The deep V neckline gives just a hint at sensuality. Don’t forget the ivory silk veil and perfect length train; a stunning bride in the modern day of English royalty. This beautiful dress is made of satin and lace appliqué. And the horse drawn carriage ride, there was nothing more that could have been asked for.

Grace Kelly

Always impeccably dressed, this Hollywood bombshell of the 1950s dazzled the prince Rainier of Monaco. He made her a proposal she couldn’t deny. The wedding dress, a full length satin and lace gown with a full train, was almost as seductive and just as magical as her 1958 frock she wore to the 28th Academy Awards show. Her wedding gown was actually a two piece number; the bodice of lace and tiny buttons and the bell shaped skirt complete with three petticoats.

Yoko Ono

This cute layered mini-dress is what Yoko Ono, a style icon, wore to marry John Lennon, dashing member of the Beetles, in 1969; very simple; very stylish, for the era. The outfit is complete with a felt hat and white knee socks. White boat shoes adorn the musician’s feet.

Natalie Wood

In 1957, Natalie Wood married Robert Wagner. Her Hollywood credentials include West Side Story, Miracle on 34th Street, and Rebel Without a Cause; his include The Pink Panther, In Love and War and more recently, the Austin Powers movies. They were acting during the Golden Age; and fell in love. She was a darling bride in her below-the-knee cocktail dress, white ballet slipper-like shoes, and lace hood that draped over her shoulders. This dress is a great look-a-like of Natalie Wood’s style.
Natalie Wood White Dress 
Natalie Wood

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

These two women are beautiful together. Portia’s floor length pale pink tulle skirt accentuates Ellen’s softly striped blouse. The halter style bodice is complete with a low cut back. Ellen completed her look with a pair of starched white pants and a white vest. Both were glorious for their August 2008 wedding. Inspiration from these two outfits can be found in these separates:
Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi dress 
Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

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