The Best Vintage-Style Wedding Dresses for the Coming Summer Affairs

by Karen

Keep your eyes open, ladies, a marvelous event is going to happen soon! Here we will share the best styles for the coming wedding affairs. Who knows, perhaps one of these styles will be yours on the most significant day of your life?
Best Vintage-Style Wedding Dresses
So, let’s look at the most significant and signature styles by Nataya that are on sale now and probably will be on sale on the date you decide to purchase your vintage-style wedding gown. Hurry, ladies! Not all sizes and colors will be available forever. Several styles from the new spring collection have already sold out, and the same is true for many of the styles we recommended in our recent posts about spring fashion. So, let’s start our perfect summer wedding runway. Titanic dresses are really great for the summer garden wedding. One piece from Nataya's Titanic Collection is best for summer's hot weather — the Nataya 40007 Titanic Dress in ivory. This model is really airy, which is great for summer days. The estimated delivery date is June 30th, but you can preorder the dress right now so that the others do not get ahead of you in line! Moreover, the golden/ivory model of the dress is available in plus sizes.


Vintage Inspired Nataya Titanic Dress in ivory


Jazz-style parties near the garden pool cannot do without a Jazz-style wedding dress, can they? So, don't forget about the Great Gatsby dress styles such as the 1920s Wedding Dress by Nataya.
Jazz-style white wedding dress
The Rosette-Style Skirt and Titanic Camisole in mint form the perfect variation for alternative and offbeat brides. Such a style will look especially great in vintage-style photo shoots.
Rosette-Style Skirt and Titanic Camisole in mint
The Nataya Tulle Skirt and Titanic-Style Camisole form the perfect 2-piece outfit for a Victorian-style wedding. This outfit makes a bride into an aristocratic or Old Hollywood-style diva. So, please, don’t miss your best vintage-style outfit for the occasions on which you must look like a diva or part of the aristocracy!
Nataya Tulle Skirt and Titanic-Style Camisole
Vintage-style wedding gowns with frills in blush and ivory are great for beach weddings. So, you won’t make a mistake if you choose this style for your wedding ceremony near the seashore. The breeze will make the frills more vibrant; thus, the right wedding photo shoot will make everyone adore your vintage-style beauty.
Vintage-style wedding gowns
Nataya's Mermaid-Style Wedding Gown with empire waist is also waiting for her lucky owner. If you plan to wear a huge flower instead of veil or a birdcage, you won’t find a better style than this gown.
Nataya's Mermaid-Style Wedding Grey Gown
The Red Carpet Dress in ivory is also waiting for positive moments. Don’t let this style escape your wedding ceremony! We're kidding here, of course. Speaking seriously, we do recommend this style for brides who are not aware of their hips and buttocks. Also, this style will go with an Old Hollywood and Victorian garden wedding. You must hurry, however, as only a few sizes are left!
Red Carpet Dress in ivory
As far as garden or bohemian-style weddings, the Garden Empire Wedding Dress by Nataya is the best choice. Make a shelter lodge in bohemian style under the garden trees, decorate garden branches with airy garlands in bohemian style and you will have a perfect wedding for a restricted budget. Want more ideas? Visit our blogpost on the bohemian-style wedding.
Garden Empire Wedding Dress by Nataya
Of course, you will love our best sundress wedding gown in vintage style — the Vintage Nataya Wedding Dress in ivory. If you plan to visit Hawaii or are making arrangements in your family garden, you cannot do without this style.
Vintage Nataya Wedding Dress in ivory
We are sure you will find your best vintage-style wedding dress for the coming summer 2012 affairs when you follow these guidelines!

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