The Best Vintage-Inspired Ideas for Weddings: Your Mermaid-Themed Wedding

by Karen

For centuries, these coquette, sometimes mystic and, definitely, mischievous creatures have been exciting minds around the world. All females have wanted to look like as mystical as these creatures, while men have adored any style that reminds them of mermaids. Even the recent collection by Nataya was called “The Mermaid’s Treasure.” So, we stopped and thought, “Why not share with our customers and readers another vintage-style idea for a wedding?” A mermaid-style wedding can be celebrated not only near the seashore but also in aquariums or beside the swimming pool of your own house. All you need is the right frame of mind. Today, we’ll share how to celebrate the most significant day in your life in extraordinary mermaid style. Let’s start with some favorites. Regardless of whether you chose the coastline or a pool in the garden as the site of your wedding reception, you may support a mermaid atmosphere with lots of shell-shaped favorites. You may bake cookies or buy prepared cookies in the shape of shells, or, if your budget allows, you may purchase the famous Belgium candies from the brand Frutti Di Mare. These sweets look like true shells, yet you should keep in mind that on hotter days, even Belgium chocolate melts. You may also bake shells and fill them with toffee. Such favorites taste the best! Your fantasy will suggest the most suitable ideas for decorations. Definitely, you may make simple laces with shells for your napkins. These ideas will also follow the line of the celebration. Plates and glasses in the marine style are just what the doctor ordered for a mermaid wedding like yours. You can make the wedding reception just right with a proper tablecloth. The sky and azure blue colors will harmonize with the light sand of the beach, and this decoration will look especially great! If you plan a mermaid wedding, the same ideas will work for a pool reception in the family garden. Here, you should spread the cloth not on the table but right near the pool’s blue water. In this case, and this is even more important, you should make airy-style or mobile-style decorations and hang them over your heads. Such decorations may be garlands of ribbons and shells or water-style flowers such as lotuses or water lilies. Speaking of water flowers, we cannot help but look at the best flower décor for hairstyles, tables and bouquets. Water lilies for hairdos and table bouquets will look especially good, and such flowers may be combined with the aforementioned shells. Still, keep in mind that you should have only one flower per hairstyle. However, if you have made up your mind to wear a white mermaid-style gown, the flower should be the same color as the gown. If you prefer a mermaid gown in raspberry, then the white water lily will hardly look good on you. If your bridesmaids choose water lilies that are the same color as their dresses, the look will definitely be complete. You may wear ballet-style shoes, or you may do without any shoes at all. Anyway, your wedding dress should also emphasize the trend of the celebration. Only long dresses with trains or dresses of extra-long length may “imitate” mermaids’ tails. You may also have a highly tightened dress and spiral tulle shawl around your hips, waist and legs, but this “construction” will hinder free movement. As to the hairstyle - do your hair in the liquid style. You won't regret it! So, what are the best Nataya dresses for a mermaid-style wedding? Again, let us suggest one of our bestselling gowns for alternative brides. The 40118 Nataya Silver/Ivory Dress is the best apparel for a vintage-style mermaid wedding. The length, the style and the color of the gown will look especially good at dusk or sunset.
Nataya Silver/Ivory Wedding Dress
One of the greatest Nataya designs is the Nataya Vintage Wedding Dress in the tall height. This dress will slim even plumper silhouettes. As far as tails, please look at the picture below. It needs no words, for this dress will turn you into a gorgeous mermaid.
Nataya Vintage Wedding White Dress
Nataya’s Vintage-Style Dress in pink will definitely emphasize the natural beauty of vintage-style alternative mermaids. If you want to imitate the mermaid, or how the mermaids were imagined by our grannies in the far away 1900s or 1910s, wear no shoes at all. The frills of this dress imitate apparel inspired by La Belle Époque.
Nataya’s Vintage-Style Dress in pink
The following vintage-style mermaid gown in light ivory is also great for plumper bodies. The vertical seams and elements of the dress make figures look smoother and slimmer. Use a tulle shawl in ivory as an accessory to complete your perfect mermaid look.
Vintage-style mermaid gown in light ivory
As is our custom, we list the most unique and offbeat idea for a mermaid bride last. Black diamonds are forever and so are alternative wedding outfits. The Spanish-Style Skirt in black plus any tank by Nataya make up the most unique and alternative apparel.
Spanish-Style Skirt in black plus any tank by Nataya
We wish you a truly marvelous and breathtaking mermaid-style wedding!

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