Best vintage inspired ideas for weddings: Vintage Wedding Sports Ideas

by Karen

What can be crazier than having a World Cup… on your wedding day? But why not?Don’t discount the idea of sportsjust because it’s you “wedding day”. Besides, sports lets you get close to your sweetheart and what’s more isif you arrange a vintage sport wedding, everybody will remember it forever! When hiring a photo artist for this type of wedding certain factors must be taken into account.Ask the artist about photo shots in sport style and if he/she starts persuading you that everything must be static then skip working with the artist. But if he or she starts mumbling something, not listening to you and trying to guess every movement and develop his own dynamicideas, hire this master without delay. This master understands thatthis is his or her greatest chance in life to make a masterpiece and do something that is more than just creative. But, nevertheless, you should warn him you are planning a vintage inspired sports wedding. So, try to guess what sports activities you plan for your vintage wedding theme. No ideas? That is what we are here for! Firstly, make a decision as to what exactly your wedding lodge will look like. You can rent a golf field (yet it is very costly), a baseball field, use the beach or the family garden as your wedding lodge. You can also rent a sport themed retro restaurant but this will restrict the number of activities. Once you’ve made up your mind we can look up the unique list of sport activities.
  • If the bride plans to wear something Victorian inspired and is not planning to wear tennis shoes then croquet will be a splendid idea. You can organize this vintage sport activity anywhere: family gardens, beaches, and yards of a retro restaurant. And the bride will be able to wear high heels.
  • Golf also can serve you a better service if you plan a golf lawn wedding reception.
  • Cricket is a brilliant idea but you should get prepared to wear Victorian inspired tennis shoes. And do not forget to take deodorant because the sport is very active
  • One of the best ideas is bowling. Nothing will please your guests more than having a good time bowling
  • Archery was one of most amusing activities duringthe Victorian reign, but this kind of sport may be very traumatic, so if you plan this activity for your wedding day use suction archery instead.
  • Bicycle riding is splendid. It will present you with amazing moments if you are lucky. Just remember find three wheeled Victorian bicycles;everybody will be starving to have a ride on them!
  • Horse races on your wedding day will be spectacular and still vintage inspired. If you plan races then a bride should choose a proper vintage inspired hat like that on Audrey Hepburn.
  • Motocross will remind usof the good old days of Agatha Christie. In this case the bride will have to dawn 1920’s-1930’s inspired sets.
  • The winter is coming and you can also organize skating that turns your sport wedding theme into a winter miracle wedding.

Some great ideas for sport wedding invitation cards are having them styled as soccer penalty card or the late 40’s baseball cards. You can also have your cards printed with your favorite athlete on them. There are plenty ideas for sports inspired wedding cakes. And the complete view will depend on the sport era you choose. But do not forget about the toppers they will be great addition to your sport wedding theme. Best ideas for serving your sport inspired vintage wedding table will also depend on the era you chose. If you plan something 30’s or 40’s inspired, choose hamburgers or barbeque for your main courses. But if you plan something like races or elegant croquet then it is better to order home-made pastries for Victorian tea. Using cups with baseball players or having sport inspired chocolate candies will go with the chosen sport line. Or you can use the same ideas for your wedding place cards. So now that we gave you all our ideas about activities, helpings and favors. But now it’s time to define which dress or set by Nataya will go with your favorite theme. Whichever way you look at it no other dress will match a vintage sports (as croquet) theme better than Titanic Dress in Ivory. It will go both with Victorian tennis shoes and high-heeled shoes.

Titanic Dress in Ivory

 If you plan bowling or vintage bicycle riding you are supposed to move your pretty legs much more than in any dance. So the Nataya Short Dress for second marriage will help you.

Nataya Short Dress for second marriage

 If you plan Victorian Inspired Horse races the Vintage Wedding dress by Nataya will go great… especially if you plan to look fora proper vintage whimsical hat.

Vintage Wedding dress by Nataya

 Nataya New Titanic Dress will also be up to both croquet and horse racing activity. This aristocratic dress will be great addition to Victorian Inspired Tea Party.

Nataya New Titanic Dress

 Red Carpet Dress will be great for a more movable activity.

White Carpet Dress

 Nataya Gatsby 1920’s inspired dress will be perfect for both motocross and horse races. It will come out splendid on your “croquet” shots as well.

Nataya Gatsby 1920’s inspired dress

 “Monmartre Doll” collection presents elegant sets for you to play vintage tennis or Victorian inspired archery.

Monmartre Doll dress

 The gone epochs left us a huge area for imagination. Let it be your vintage sport area. We wish you have a great enjoy your sports activity.

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