Best vintage inspired ideas for weddings: Vintage Toy Wedding

by Karen

This wedding theme is wholly dedicated to alternative couples who are looking for bizarre and creative ideas for their wedding. Some of us like playing with toys. We grew up but we still love to play because it takes us back to innocence and light-heartedness. And it simply makes the daily problems disappear. Maybe that is one of the reasons for the popularity of networking games. And maybe that is one of the reasons why now toy inspired weddings have become so popular. If you are very creative by nature and don’t need our advice, but some ideas for a fresh look, then please, feel free to make use of what we have listed here. You can find a whimsical toy inspired restaurant almost in any state. But sometimes (because of prices) couples prefer to rent a unique restaurant and decorate it with toys. The reason for this is obvious, their wedding lodge will look unique and nobody else can repeat this. So, balloons, toy houses, and teddy bears are the best decorations for tables and restaurant interiors. Nothing prevents you from using whimsical toy figures for each locale. Do not forget about puzzles and charades for your guests either. Teddy bears that have been used in celebrations for more than a century can be used not only for table décor. Some organizations offer big balloon-figures styled as big velvet Teddy Bears. Thus, you will keep in line with both vintage and toy stories. Wedding cakes allow you to use your rich imagination. You can use vintage cartoon heroes for your cake décor, teddy bears, vintage Barbie style or even some whimsical humorous figures. Try to compose a story and copy it into your wedding cake. Make fun of some cartoon or fairy tale characters! We completely forgot about invitation cards! How do you plan to broadcast your wedding affair? We believe the most creative idea is to have your invitation printed in… balloons and launch this “invitation” right into your guests’ windows. Nobody will resist an invitation like this. You can use candy and lollipops for your wedding tables and flowers for your wedding bunches. But why not to mix them up and have a candy-lollipop-flower idea both for a bride’s bouquet and pseudo-floral decorations for the tables. Love it!!! Here comes an even more whimsical idea: don’t you think that painted wedding shoes will look toy, creative and, at the same time, elegant? Steve Van Doren used this idea and now the painted vintage and modern shoes are super popular. So what about wedding clothes? Let’s start by looking at some of the best vintage inspired toy models by Nataya. For those who know the collection will agree that no wedding dress is better suited for the toy inspired bride than the Pink Ballerina dress by Nataya. You will look like a neo-Grace Kelly who, among other things, inspired doll and doll designers to release doll collections with her face.  Pink Ballerina dress by Nataya Titanic inspired Wedding Gown by Nataya will make an Empire inspired Royal Doll of the bride.
Titanic inspired Wedding Gown by Nataya
 Nataya Vintage inspired Wedding Gown will turn you into the pretty sugar bridal toy.
Nataya Vintage inspired Wedding Gown
Nataya Alternative Wedding dress in any color by itself looks like a dress for a vintage expensive doll.
Nataya Alternative Wedding dress
 Victorian Lace Wedding Dress by Nataya will go great with pearl jewelry and Victorian inspired hairdo with locks.
Victorian Lace Wedding Dress by Nataya
 Lavender Rouched Baby Doll will be a great choice if you want something 30’s and 40’s inspired. If you do not plan putting any figures on top of your wedding cake, you can take bizarre photos by standing behind the cake and continue to move backwards until the photographer has you positioned on top of the cake as if you became cake topper.
Lavender Rouched Baby Doll
 If you are not keen on original colors for wedding gowns, you may like the Empire Doll wedding Dress. And it will match any hand-printed or painted wedding shoes. Empire Doll wedding Dress We wish you a very happy toy inspired vintage wedding!

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