Best vintage inspired ideas for weddings: Victorian weddings

by Karen

The wedding day in the life of any Victorian-era girl was the most significant day in her life. After this time the fairy tales were finished and real life began. Many people believed that this day was the end of any girl’s life. But because we are living in a different time, A Victorian Wedding is no longer the end but the very beginning of any fairy tale called “they lived happily ever after”. Victorian wedding dresses became another synonym for luxury and a truly fairy tale wedding idea. Despite the fact that June named after Juno (Roman Goddess of Marriage) was extremely popular in Victorian times, now we start choosing warm spring or fall days instead of capricious June days for our weddings. Remember this Victorian proverb: “Marry in September is fine. You will be rich and drink champagne”. Yet, the tradition to be married in June is still alive… in flowers. The most traditional flowers for Victorian weddings were jasmine and camellia because June was always the blossoming season of these flowers. By the way, the same flowers were used in buttonholes of grooms. So if you want some flower decor in Victorian style use these flowers as a basis both for the bridal bouquet and flower decorations. If you are mad about snow a white palette for bridal sets, use jasmine and try to avoid “warm” colors in bridal wear. Jasmine always goes with cold snow white colors. Use Romantic Vintage dress By Nataya.

Romantic Vintage dress By Nataya

 If you want to celebrate your Victorian wedding in warm fall colors use camellia. Victorian lace dress or Victorian Nataya Dress in Beige will go with these flowers. 

Victorian Nataya Dress in Beige

 So, step by step, Victorian brides come to the idea of the perfect wedding gown. In the days of Queen Victoria’s reign, who by the way gave the name to this style of wedding, the best color was white. The lace dresses have become a synonym to Victorian wedding dresses. As fashions changed in the very beginning, they reminded us of the baroque style dress with full skirts and crinoline. Then they turned into classical fitting gowns like that in Kate Middleton’s wedding. But Lace.. Lace was always the companion of any Victorian dress. Neo Classical sleeves dress by Nataya was inspired with the unique form of Victorian sleeves used in 1880-1900.

Neo Classical sleeves dress by Nataya

 Later, Victorian wedding gowns became fitted light gowns which are known as todays’ Victorian inspired dresses.

Victorian inspired wedding dresses

 In a later era, Victorian dresses were tailored using different shades and colors: violet to lavender, light coral to light magenta and oftentimes rose to beige shadows. Did you happen to hear “the Victorian rose” term? Victorian jewelry… we can always see the diamond tiara on a bride’s heads. Yet pearls of different colors were another way to demonstrate both the virgin and the prosperous bride. There was a rule that a Victorian bride was to choose dresses and palettes for the maids of honor. Thus, a bride always tried to choose something in the same colors as hers. That was a way to demonstrate her personality and to look different. Despite the same color, the maids’ fashions always differ from that of the bride. As the makeup shouldn’t be vulgar and screaming colors. Avoid too much rose color as it will make your look as if you were crying. Use beige, beige-peach or dirty-rose colors as a basis for eye makeup. As for Mascara, use dark grey or black colors and beige or rose-beige for lipsticks instead of lip-gloss. If you imagined an open-faced carriage as the main transportation vehicle for Victorian weddings you are right. Using this vehicle you will turn a modern wedding dress into a real royal Victorian inspired dress. And oftentimes horses may be low-cost and ecologically the right choice of transportation to church. Be vintageous, be Victorian because this day is yours. You are the Queen even if your name is not Victoria… You may also like:

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