Best vintage inspired ideas for weddings: A Tree Fantasy Wedding

by Karen

We are honored to introduce the most offbeat wedding idea ever brought in our or hopefully anyone else’s blog. We decided to dedicate this wedding theme to all alternative offbeat brides. If you want a true miracle at any cost, whatever the season and if you want to look like a fairy that is yet to be a caprice princess, then this wedding theme is right for you. Fantasy wallpapers, fantasy worlds, fantasy movies and fantasy books inspire us to create our own worlds and dream up fashion scenarios using the marvel of Photoshop and a simple digital camera. But when it comes to fantasy weddings, our ideas have their origins in the many creations of J.R.R. Tolkien. Scenarios such as forests, virgin nature, forest fairies, elves, unicorns, and other mythical creatures and scenes are right out one of his many novels. So how about we help you build a new surrealist fantasy world of your own? Let’s take some time now to help you create that fantasy inspired wedding you’ve always dreamed of! Here some ambition ideas to help you create that offbeat bride Fantasy wedding of your dreams. Wedding Lodge is the keyword for the chosen line of your wedding. You can definitely use a nearby forest and make a picnic wedding or a tent wedding if the season is slightly cold. But can you really call this whimsical and offbeat? If you insist on a true surreal wedding lodge rent a tree house at “amazon tree houses” or other tree-houses rental resources. These ideas may be a bit pricy but ain’t they cute? It will diversify your daily life and the day of your wedding will be more than just memorable. It will remind us all of “A Midsummer Night's Dream” Gala by Shakespeare or any one of the many fantasy worlds we have read about…yet you will be the one who “opened” these worlds. The offbeat fantasy ideas may be referred to as very intimate just for the two of you and a preacher as tree houses are oftentimes very small. But there are some places in the world like Naha Harbor Diner, Okinawa, Japan or the Whimsical Yellow Restaurant in New Zealand that can accommodate a larger audience where you can share the dream of a fantasy wedding with all those who appreciate the effort and lore of an offbeat brides wedding gals! Another idea, certainly, is to build these houses yourself. The question is, are you a carpenter? Or do you have a license to accomplish such complex ventures? Do yourself a favor and just rent one, you will make your offbeat idea into reality… your perfect surrealistic reality. Should you choose to go with renting a treehouse, extend the lease. Use it as your wonderful fairy honeymoon retreat! Refreshments and light snacks should be kept to a minimum if you are planning an intimate wedding just for the two of you. Good old ale will be a great idea as a beverage and celtic inspired music (like Enya’s anthems) will make fantastic wedding tunes. Photo shoots and bride-groom outfit are the center of the affair! Get ready for even more offbeat ideas! Use violets of different colors because a fantasy or fairy forest wedding implies the use of fairy wedding gowns in different colors: pink, violet, lavender, green, ivory, snow-white or even black. All will do. But one rule that you must firmly abide by is that your wedding flowers correlate with your dress color and hairstyle. A great hairstyle is free wavy locks. If you do not have naturally long hair, you can use extensions or add-ons. And don’t forget wedding flowers use them everywhere, including your hairstyle. The best option of floral arrangements for your wedding outfit are the aforementioned violets and tree flowers. The list is great:
  • Use Plumeria or Adenum for ligh to match pink wedding dresses and light or blond-brown hair.
  • Bauhinia Purpurea or Couroupita guianensis will trulybe fantasy with your dark hairdo
  • Oncoba or Lagerstroemia indica (especially in Yellow) will come out great for a Shakespeare inspired wedding theme
  • Mimosaceae is located in many places and is available in different colors: from yellow to magenta.
  • Saracaindica is perfect for very petite brides who cannot boast long hair.
  • Allamanda will go better for classic fantasy ideas
  • Dipladenia is used for long hairstyles (mostly blonde) and also available in different colors.

Choose the colors and these forest flowers for your hairdo, make sure you have ones in your region and use the most affordable ones you can find. And do not forget to pick up the right fantasy wedding gown! What can make you into a forest fantasy fairy better than the New Titanic Wedding dress? This offbeat wedding gown will look true fantasy and it will match any tree flowers for the apparel.

New Titanic Wedding dress

Another Titanic inspired Wedding dress may be another offbeat wedding gown variation of the dresses above.

Titanic inspired Wedding dress

Vintage Inspired wedding Gown with Shawl in Blush and light ivory make a night forest fairy of any bride!

Vintage Inspired wedding Gown with Shawl

 The Tulle Wedding Gown in Sage is a “Classic of the Genre” for any fantasy wedding idea. You will look like a “crème-de-la-crème” of any whimsical elves’ society.

Tulle Wedding Gown in Sage

 The Romantic pink or black Ballerina wedding dress by Nataya is the true frivolous wedding gown for a frivolous and mischievous fairy bride.

Romantic pink or black Ballerina wedding dress by Nataya

Vintage Empire Wedding dress in Sage-Beige or Ivory will go with Allamanda flowers in your hair.

Vintage Empire Wedding dress in Sage-Beige

 The 1920’s Gatsby Dress by Nataya will be the perfect outfit for a subtle bride with a regular appearance.

1920’s Gatsby Dress by Nataya

 The Victorian Lace Wedding gown by Nataya is the perfect lace idea for a very airy red headed bride. Use Bauhinia Purpurea to reveal your fantasy personality. 

Victorian Lace Wedding gown by Nataya

 A very affordable yet noble fantasy dress for your line is the Romantic Fantasy Wedding Dress.

Romantic Fantasy Wedding Dress

The Crotchet Lace wedding dress by Nataya will make a true wooden fairy of any bride.

Crotchet Lace wedding dress by Nataya

 Another idea for subtle brides is Vintage Romance Dress in two colors: ivory and lavender. You will be filled with fantasy emotions dawning this dress.

Vintage Romance Dress Lavender

 You shouldn’t miss out on the idea of the River Fairy either. It will appear perfect in any wooded area.

Vintage Romance Dress in ivory

 And, at last, the best offbeat idea for the risky alternative bride is the Chiffon Artisan Top by Nataya. It will go perfectly with a wreath of violets and violet palazzos. Hence, you can afford any color for your hair.

Chiffon Artisan Top by Nataya.

 We wish your wedding day be offbeat and memorable!

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