Best vintage inspired ideas for weddings: A Romantic St. Valentine’s Wedding Theme

by Karen

The most romantic holiday is coming, and this day is going to have a splash of romantic inspired weddings.

We recently mentioned this holiday may turn out “costly”. The restaurants will be crowded and no discounts will be given, let alone the flowers that are sold at high prices. On this day there appear the truly romantic couples who wish to get married, and no high prices, crowds in restaurants or anything else can stop them! If you are the representative for such romantic inspired couples, we have these ideas for you!

Romantic St. Valentine’s may include three main colors as the basic colors for the affair: white, red and pink. White as a basic color will go with Edwardian and Victorian inspired dresses while red will go perfectly with boho and the glam 30s-40s inspired wedding gowns. Pink may go with empire and overall retro romantic looks. The red and white colors may go hand-in-hand, but for those who choose pink, it should be the only basic color. Let’s start with favors. Tiny red or white sweets in the shape of tiny hearts will go with the red or white based theme. The same sweets in pink will keep the pink romantic line. Also, do not forget that you can save money if the heart shaped sweets cost too much for you or you prefer rather classic ideas. The cherry, raspberry and cranberry pies as favors will bring the home atmosphere of Victorian inspired wedding and, definitely, keep the red or white based wedding lines. If you celebrate the glam red wedding then using classic desserts as strawberries with cream will be up the “red line”! Red, red-and-white or white candles with red hearts will go for red or white romantic wedding theme. The pink ones will go great for the pink romantic theme. The cake may be of red color with white pigeons or swans as the toppers. If you have chosen the pink line then the pink cake with hearts will be up to the theme. The red velvet cake with white icing or meringue white cake with red fruits or red icing will go great for red romantic wedding as well as white wedding. Pink marshmallow cake with white icing or white marshmallow cake with pink icing will keep your romantic pink wedding line. Valentine’s is one of the most expensive holidays, but you still may save money preparing iced wedding cake of marshmallow: just cut marshmallow into slices and cover the cake plate with levels of these slices: you may spread the crème between two levels. Put this cake into the fridge for 15-20 hours before covering the upper level with crème. Then place the topper. You won’t regret! It is easy-to-do, and the main preparation is only 20-30 minutes. Not many flower shops give discounts for this day, but, even with discounts, the flower bouquets may still cost too much. Some inventive alternative thought of by brides and wedding consultants for decorating the wedding lodge and saving the wedding budgets include:
Use heart shaped balloons in red, white or pink for the chosen color themes instead of flowers. You can decorate the wedding lodge or reception with such balloons.
The roses for wrist corsages may be made of silk in the chosen colors. This also allows the brides to make these corsages well in advance of the big day.
The bouquets on tables may be made of chocolate candies packed in red, white or pink paper. You can use easy-to-follow tutorials on the Internet and make several bouquets for the tables. You will have a lot of fun, not to mention save money.
• You may also make rose petals of white, pink and red silk. The bridesmaids can throw the silk petals before you on your way down the aisle.
    If you still insist on having real wedding flowers, then here are some flower tips:
    Red roses, orchids or tulips will do for the bouquet and in the hair of blondes wearing red or white wedding gowns.
    • The same flowers will also go for brunet and red headed ladies, yet we sincerely recommend not applying flowers to hairstyles. In the case of red heads, the flowers may be mixed with white knops. Of course, these flowers will go only for red or white romantic Valentine’s wedding. The true brunettes will come out splendid with white jewels in their hair and a red bouquet in their hands.
    Pink lilies, pink roses and pink zinnias will go great with ash blonde ladies or any blondes, and airy pink wedding gowns in retro style will complete this romantic look.
      You may choose raspberry, cranberries, redcurrant and cherry punches for the table instead of soft drinks. A hibiscus tea will also be perfect for the red wedding theme. Milk or ice-cream based cocktails with blackcurrants and strawberries is a splendid idea for beverages for rose romantic weddings. Rose wine and rose drinks made of rose petals will be both romantic and exotic. We sincerely recommend you apply modest makeup for any chosen theme: the modest makeup with accentuated red lips will go with white or red based romantic themes. The modest makeup in pink/peach will go with a vintage inspired airy wedding gown in pink. Surely, red shoes will go for white and red gowns while the white shoes will go only with white dress. Pink should always have pink accessories. And now it’s time to visit our retro wardrobe shop. Here are TOP 10 retro bridal dresses for romantic St. Valentine’s wedding you may love. 1. Vintage Titanic dress in raspberry will go if you have chosen bright pink color as the main color for the overall romantic wedding theme.
      Vintage Titanic dress in raspberry

      2. If you plan the romantic formal wedding, you cannot do without Nataya Ballerina Dress in Pink.

      Nataya Ballerina Dress in Pink

      3. Another Titanic Dress in Raspberry for more tender gals. If you want to buy this dress in white you may purchase the same model in pink for the maids of honor.

      Titanic Dress in Raspberry

      4. The vintage inspired gown with shawl will keep the tender and romantic pink theme.

      Vintage inspired gown with shawl

      5. Nataya New Titanic dress will go with white based Edwardian theme.


      Nataya New Titanic dress


      6. The snow-white Titanic dress will go splendid with red romantic accents.


      7. The Vintage Empire dress in Ivory will come out splendid with atlas red shoes if you want some red accents for your look.

      Vintage Empire dress in Ivory
      8. The romantic dresses (“Age of Love” collection) will go great for romantic wedding. They are available in different colors.
      Age of love Vintage Empire dress in Ivory

      9. This red flame vintage dress will emphasize the beauty of the romantic alternative brides.

      Red flame vintage dress
      10. The best choice for romantic Valentine’s wedding is to purchase the Romantic Vintage Gown in red.
      Romantic Vintage Gown in red

      Make your choice and let your life be as romantic as the chosen day for your wedding!

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