Best vintage inspired ideas for weddings: Green Vintage Wedding

by Karen

Today the trend of green weddings has become extra popular among couples today. Originally, a green wedding meant something ecologically or environmentally good. In other word, the original idea of a green wedding was closely connected with the idea of something very close to Mother Nature. But in most of ceases, now, the green wedding theme is less about being close to Mother Nature and more about the green color as the dominant weddings theme. If you decide to have a Green Theme wedding, or, a Green Color Theme wedding, you should decide first what color to choose as a basis for a wedding attire, decorations, wedding cake etc… There are two possible ways to work anytime anywhere: 70% green and 30% white or light colors or, otherwise, 70% light or white and 30% green. Both ways are working great! If you want to integrate everything as one common theme (from your attire to a wedding lodge table) you should keep this percent ratio in everything: from your bouquet to the vase on the table, from groom’s attire to the table cloth with signature food, from wedding cake to garlands. I know how hard this must sound to accomplish but you will feel the right ratio and shades of green because when you see it working visually, you will know instantly. If you are keen on arts and crafts and insist on doing some garlands or decoration yourself to save money, take a page out for the kusudama book. This is an easy Japanese paper craft and you will be able to do whimsical balls for the garland in any color that is appropriate, thus, controlling the color theme of your wedding. If you do not have the time to waste doing unique garlands, you can use crêpe paperwork and make balls for garlands in no time. If you do not want anything hand-made you can choose classical green Alpine bells or classical “wish” Japanese bells. All these ideas will save you tons of money. Also your guests will be inspired with the uniqueness of the affair and maybe want to repeat the same on their Wedding day. As for green flower décor, there is a wide variety nowadays such as green violets, green orchids, green roses, green petite chrysanthemums, callas, lilies and many others. But still the prices vary significantly depending on the breed. Great additional décor can be made using green apples in fruit vases or limes in vases with water and flowers. The limes or lemons in the vases were mentioned in the “Cocktail Wedding” post. Using snow white or green-to-white candles you will complete your décor idea. Some couples prefer green cakes with flowers or grass; others want a classic cake with green or white-to-green icing. In both cases, the ideas go great with the chosen line for your wedding. And now it is high time to choose the right attire for the bride. Remember the ratio: you can choose green as the main theme for bridal attire or choose white as the basis and dawn green accessories such as boleros, belts, gloves etc. You can use this Vintage Green Dress by Nataya for your green wedding dress. White high-heeled knee-high boots will go extremely well with the chosen dress.

Vintage Green Dress by

Nataya Moss Green Bolero along with trouser sets will also be great a idea for your green wedding attire.

Nataya Moss Green Bolero

Nataya Winter Wedding one shoulder gown will go with your themed wedding and will be the right decision for green winter brides. Some brides want to keep a piece of spring in the cold Fall or Winter days so they choose wedding gowns in green for this reason. Nataya Oscar Winter wedding dress is right for these brides.

Nataya Winter Wedding

 Flapper style and green wedding? Sounds bizarre? Well, it is quite real! Dawning the Romantic Summer dress, you will look splendid and styled in the 1920’s.

Romantic Summer green dress

Nataya vintage Jacket and skirts in Mint will go great for a Green country wedding.

Nataya vintage Jacket in Mint

 Unfortunately these dresses were sold out but nevertheless they are great ideas for vintage inspired green brides.

Nataya vintage Jacket and skirts in Mint

Tulle wedding dress in Sage is the perfect idea for vintage inspired brides who are starving for something uniquely vintageous and green.

Tulle wedding dress in Sage

Empire Garden dress may be another idea for green inspired vintage brides. It is paired nicely with a perfect puffy sleeve shrug.

Empire Garden dress in sage

The shrug mentioned above will also go with the Nataya Vintage Romance dress in Ivory, and thus, following the 70 to 30 ratios.

Nataya Vintage Romance dress in Ivory

 Nataya Titanic Dress in Sage is also in line with the aforementioned ratios.

Nataya Titanic Dress in Sage

Mint Tunic and ivory palazzo pants are extraordinary fashions and styles for very risky alternative brides. Would you like to try?

Mint Tunic and ivory palazzo pants

 We don’t even doubt it, your wedding will be really green, unique and memorable! Be happy!

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