Best Vintage Ideas for the Coming Black Dragon’s Year

by Karen

The coming 2012 is expected to be marvelous because this is the year under the patronage of black dragon. The coming year is the epoch of water dragon. So if you do not know what to wear use blue for your wardrobe. Although the black dragon is the water element the most significant colors are far from being azure or blue, actually. These colors are going well at a pinch. The black or golden colors are ruling the coming year! The dragon likes luxury so you will be right if you diverse your jewelry with everything in gold, platinum or silver, yet, do not mix them up. So, black noble apparels or golden luxury…in any case you should choose yours. The black dresses with Sequin or beaded embroidery will be the splendid idea for the coming New Year party. As we mentioned before, dragon loves luxury but not screaming vulgarity so the best dresses for the coming New Year will be Victorian, tango, Titanic and Old Hollywood inspired ones. 
New Vintage Titanic Tea Party Dress in Ivory by Nataya

The Titanic luxury dresses by Nataya in white and black)

Try to follow yet not to copy out Dita von Teese who is the dragon’s most beloved symbol: the porcelain leather diva with Goddess clothes in black. Other beloved colors of 2012’s master are green and pure red. If you are not keen on these colors, you should use them as accessories. And you should always feel more than just comfortable while dawning your vintage New Year apparel.

Black Vintage set with styled embrodiery

(the Black Vintage set with styled embrodiery)

So here are some tips if you follow Chinese horoscopes. The Oriental horoscope tellers advise to wear golden colors for the ones who were born in Dragon year.
Luxury victorian sets in black

(The luxury Victorian sets in black)

The gals who were born in snake year should give preferences to pure red color where sequin embroidery to imitate the snake leather is strongly advisable. The ladies born in horse years will also be lucky if they wear dresses in red for the coming miracle night!
Empire dress in red

(The Empire dress in red)

The ones born in dog, goat (sheep) and ox years should look closer at golden, yellow and lime apparels.
Chinese style golden apparels

(the Chinese style golden apparels)

The gals born in mystical monkey years should wear noble ivory or snow white dresses. The “rooster years” ladies should also give all preferences for snow white apparels and very elegant accessories as bird cage veils, or rhinestones by Swarovski to be applied to the hairstyles.
1920’s style tango dress in white

(the 1920’s style tango dress in white)

The gals born in pig and rat years should wear everything black. Your fabrics are silk (the motherland of silk is China), chiffon, atlas or velvet. The trimmings on your apparel must look more than just splendid or gorgeous, they must look divine!
Black Swan Luxury Dress by Nataya

(the Black Swan Luxury Dress by Nataya)

The cats (rabbits) and tigers’ gals should dawn perfect evening gowns in green, emerald or nephritis. The feather style or flapper style are composing your perfect look!

green vintage style apparels

(The green vintage style apparel)

Give an additional attention to your hairdo look. The most perfect trend for the coming night are locks dyed in perfect divine colors: honey blonde, brown chocolate, indigo-black, platinum blonde, copper-red. If you have no intention to change your style cardinally you can dye some locks with temporary colors or apply aforementioned rhinestones or gloss to your style. Accordingly to all Chinese and Japanese legend the dragons loved extraordinary and pretty gals. Exploit his weakness! Using v-necklines, backless sets are the additional scores to succeed in the coming year.
Tango dresses with unique elements

(the tango dresses with unique elements)

But the basic factor of success in the coming 2012 year will be your positive mood and self-confidence! You should behave like a Goddess, like a Queen regardless the oriental or eastern. You should host the master of the coming year and care about yourselves! The best additional favorites for the New Year table will be golden candles or golden-to-transparent crystal glasses! If you are the queen of your life the coming year will bring you only success and prosperity!

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