The Best Nataya Tops to Wear with Chinos

by Karen

Chinos tend to be one of the top 5 trends every year for the summer and fall seasons. These trousers have always been popular, but now they have joined the top ranks of fashion. Most fashion designers who are known worldwide include these styles in their collections.
The first chino-based style is the student style: chinos, t-shirt, sunglasses styled as the early 1990s and a reggae (or punk) hat. However, since the times of Vivienne Westwood, the chinos, as the preferred style, have gained quite another flair. Dolce and Gabbana, Chloe and other brands have included chinos in very feminine and romantic styles. First, these trousers were invented in Southern Asia (some sources name Philippines as the birthplace of chinos). The name originates from the term chino or the English word china, which means China — as this country was once the source of the fabric for chino trousers. Later, in the early 1950s, Christian Dior included chinos in his collections, and these trousers became greatly beloved by students and young people. Vivienne Westwood presided over the next rebirth, as she released a punk-oriented collection with the accessories we mentioned above. Finally, after Rihanna was photographed by paparazzi while she was dressed in chinos and stiletto shoes, stylists and fashion critics started highlighting new trends in chinos. By the way, paparazzi shoots of Rihanna used to have a mysterious flair about them. If the singer was photographed in some piece of clothing, the garment immediately became extra popular. For instance, extra fashionable accessories by London designers Fleet Ilya became popular once more after the singer was caught wearing this brand. That, however, is quite another story. Let us introduce the best tops by Nataya that go with wide-hipped chinos to create romantic style for the overall look. The Nataya Embroidered Camisole in mint and other colors goes well with tender white or crème chinos in rayon. Pair this look with classic sandal shoes on midi heels, and you will look really young and romantic!
Nataya White Tops
A Nataya Reversible Blouse is begging to be paired with darker chinos, however, pairing this style with white chinos will also look splendid on the gals who have triangular figures (narrow hips and wide shoulders). The same trick will work for the Nataya Tank in black.
Nataya Reversible Blouse
Nataya Tank in black
The Corset-Style Top by Nataya is quite the versatile piece. It may go with silk or atlas chinos as well as cotton or rayon models. Also, you may pair this color with chinos in beige, crème, white, gray, denim or black.
Corset-Style Grey Top by Nataya
The following airy model may be paired well with rayon chinos in tender or pastel colors. Simply choose your preferred style.

vintage style top for chinos

If you pair a Nataya top in terracotta with black chinos and classic-toe shoes on midi heels in black, you will get a non-student but true evening look. No one will be able to resist you!
Nataya top in terracotta
A Nataya top in mint with the huge bow on the bare back works for both your front and back looks. The best colors of chinos to choose are white, light blue, mint and crème. Another mint model by Nataya will go especially great with really light chinos in the aforementioned colors.

vintage styletops for chinos

Mint model by Nataya

 T-shirts by Nataya may go with the student- or punk-styled chinos. You may pair this top with any fabric and any color! All the choices will look smoking hot!

T-shirts by Nataya
Vintage Fashion Black T-shirts by Nataya
For the look of the truly young gal, you may pair cotton chinos (rayon fabrics) in khaki or mud green with the Nataya Cami in red or aloe. Despite the darker colors, the overall set will subtract years from your age! Another younger look may be created using the s-21 Nataya Cami with light chinos in Indian fabrics.
Nataya Cami in red or aloe
The Nataya Slip in red and other colors is great for casual wear with chinos in correlating colors.
Nataya Slip in red
These tops by Nataya are just one of her creative fashions to be paired with chinos. We will mention the rest in a future post

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