The Best Nataya Dresses for the Rehearsal Dinner

by Karen

Wedding rehearsals, and the rehearsal dinners that follow them, were invented to help make the wedding ceremony flawless. While this is the common belief, many couples will agree that no ceremony goes off without one or two things going wrong, this is just a simple inevitable fact. And perhaps this is even for the best. After all, these so-called unpredictable wedding-day foul-ups make the wedding uniquely yours. Looking at wedding photos or video later, only one couple can say, “Here is where Uncle Benny got drunk and crossed the line,” or “This is when Aunt Penny suddenly began singing karaoke; everyone adored her voice.” These moments do indeed “make your day” and nobody can take them away from you!
Nevertheless, the rehearsal dinner fulfills another useful function: It extends the celebration. With the rehearsal dinner and the actual wedding day, it’s almost like having two wedding days instead of one. Besides, waiting for a celebration is a celebration in itself. The wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner are a preview of the wedding’s best parts.
With this in mind, here is a list of several dresses by Nataya that will be great for your rehearsal dinner. Since many brides choose rehearsal dresses that are similar in color or style to their wedding dresses, we present them in pairs.
The first pair is Style 5901, the Titanic dress. While we offer a full line of Titanic-inspired dresses, we suggest this tea-length dress for both your rehearsal dinner and as the classic wedding dress. Just take great care when selecting different colors to ensure that you don’t look like the mother of the bride on your own wedding day!
Vintage dresses for rehearsal dinner
Tea-length ruby dress
Titanic-inspired dresses
Titanic-inspired grey dresses
Titanic-inspired vintage dresses
Vintage style titanic-inspired dresses
Nataya Dresses for the Rehearsal Dinner
Next is Style 10709, the Gatsby. Reminiscent of the golden Gatsby style, this dress is available in tender ivory, perfect for your wedding day. The Nataya Ivory dress also may be a great idea for the rehearsal dinner if your wedding dress is in a mermaid style!
Great Gatsby Party Dress in Ivory by Nataya
Gatsby dress style
Reminiscent of the golden Gatsby style
Additionally, you may choose the following pair as the main dress for your wedding (in ivory) and as a rehearsal dinner idea (in pink) as well.
Vintage Wedding White Dress
Gatsby style beige dress
In fact, these jazz silhouettes may be just right for those who love jazz tunes: Style 40131, the Nataya Jazz-Style Silhouette Sage/Pink Dress or Style 40107, the Nataya Pearl/Tea Dress. The best Gatsby or flapper-inspired accessories will complete either of these looks. Try experimenting with the Nataya accessories that also can be found in our shop. To help, we share some ideas on how to accessorize these styles on our Google+ and Facebook pages.
Nataya Jazz-Style Silhouette Sage/Pink Dress
jazz dress for rehearsal dinner
For your Downton Abbey-inspired rehearsal, the best selling Antique dress by Nataya is a great idea. The empire waist imitates the lines of the famous series’ fashions and may be a small-scale version of your wedding dress.
Downton Abbey Antique dress by Nataya
Finally, you may choose a very whimsical idea by Nataya for your rehearsal dinner dress that doesn’t coincide with your wedding dress. This is particularly helpful for brides who don’t want to hint at what their wedding dress will look like. The Carmen dress in a plum color, for example, will be at your service any time, as long as we have an online shop that carries Nataya!
Wedding vintage style dress
Since Nataya’s wardrobe shop carries loads of designs, you can easily find and love many other vintage-inspired Nataya dresses. Good luck with your rehearsal dinner!

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