Best Nataya Apparel for a Genre Photo Shoot

by Karen

Recently, we discussed many ideas about types of genre photo shoots and color schemes your photo master may choose as the basic background. Today, we will mostly focus on wedding dresses for alternative brides to go with the possible genre photo shoots and background colors.
Vintage wedding dresses
In mentioning background colors, we mostly mentioned, not the indoor photo shooting where there is nothing but the white, blue, grey or similar cloth behind you; we meant that the light behind you or overall photo can be described as one basic color. When you are looking through the photo shots in glossy magazines, you may notice that this or that style may be expressed as a single basic color. Take, for example, the following three shots captured for Nataya Lines. This one can be described as beige or light brown.
nataya style beige clothes


And this one is definitely green.

You may notice other colors, but you always concentrate on one single shade, and you may clearly describe the main line of the shot. That is the point you need to discuss with your photo master when planning retro wedding photo shoots.

We already mentioned that sepia is great for photos shoots styled after the 1920s and 1940s. Watercolor green, blue and red with or without the sepia background may hint on the pinup styles of the 1950s. Light beige is great for Edwardian and Victorian fashions, while darker grey and black shades are ideal for Gothic mysteries. White is great for winter mystery, ocean photo shoots and beach romantic photo shoots. Pure black-and-white is often the color scheme of choice for Marlene Dietrich inspired 1930s glam photo shoots. With these color options in mind, we have chosen the best colorful dresses by Nataya for different styles of photo shoots. You may have some preferences for the main line of wedding photo shoots, especially if you plan to use retro-inspired themes. Let’s have a look at your preferences concerning the main line of wedding shots. Sepia The black swan dress is a great accent for sepia-inspire photo shoots
vintage style 1920's black dress

This dress will definitely bring back memories of the vintage photos of our grannies. If you prefer wearing white apparel, we may confirm this style of Nataya dress will definitely come out splendid on any sepia photo shoots as well.

Nataya vintage fashion white dress
Watercolor-Style Shots This style of photo begs the subject to wear something colorful and bright. You won’t regret it if you wear the Red Carpet Dress in fuchsia. It will come out splendid and support the range of watercolor shades on the shots.
Watercolor-Style Shots
If you are not keen on pink, you may prefer wearing something cooler, like blue colors. The Nataya Mint set is a modest light blue variation of the beloved shade. Want something more saturated? The Nataya Vintage style dress in saturated blue is at your service!
Nataya Vintage style dress in Mint set
Nataya Vintage style dress in saturated blue

And if you prefer something average between blue and saturated pink/red, you may like the new Nataya fuchsia dress or the new Nataya pink dress. You may also combine pinup watercolors with Victorian romance. If so, the Vintage Titanic Dress in charcoal/berry is a splendid style for watercolor-style shots.

Vintage Titanic Dress in charcoal/berry
Vintage Titanic Dress in charcoal/berry

Gothic Backgrounds

Those who prefer gothic mysteries may like the Victorian-inspired Titanic dress and New Vintage Titanic dress.
Victorian-inspired Titanic dress
Vintage Titanic grey dress

Light Grey La belle époque style is the style of photos that have a main light grey color and some ash-rose, ash-blue or ash-green colors. If you plan such stylistic photos as below, you may prefer dresses in milder shades with bright accents. 

The Nataya Dress in pearl/pink is also a stunning style to go with these colors. And if you want to repeat the style of a Christmas card, you cannot do without 40007 New Vintage Titanic Dress in Silver.

Vintage Titanic Dress in Silver
New Vintage Titanic Tea Party Dress in Sage by Nataya
This list is the first half of the dresses that make great options to be worn for certain styles of photo shoots. Next time we’ll talk about marine, Edwardian and Vintage photo shots, and corresponding colors and dresses for these popular trends. To be continued…

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