The Best Hairstyle for Mom

by Karen

A wedding is not only the most significant occasion for the bride and groom, but it also holds a treasured spot for the mothers of the uniting couple as well.
The overall appearance of the mother of the bride gives the groom a glimpse of what his lovely bride may look like in the years to come. The mother of groom’s appearance sheds light on her overall taste as well as the elegance and style in which she raised her son.
An elegant looking mother of the bride or groom can exceed the status quo by pairing the right hairstyle and makeup, which can add elegance even to a second hand dress.

Short Hair

Mothers with a pixie, bobbed, or other short haircut need to pay extra careful attention to their particular hairstyle on the big day. We recommend consulting with your stylist and trying out several different looks. Perhaps using a flat iron will be most ravishing. Or maybe small curls can frame and uplift your facial features.
Keep in mind that bobbed hairstyle is best suited for those aged 25 to 35. Here is our trick for you lovely ladies over 45. Keep your look simple with some small waves and a natural-hued hair color.

Classy Bun

If your tresses can be described as long or medium length, you will look stunning with the classy low bunch style. This elegant look goes perfect with so many of our gowns: court 2 piece sets, Titanic dresses and basically all of Nataya’s models, palazzo sets and short black dresses.
This hairstyle is also recommended for the ladies who plan midday weddings. The best part of this style is that it holds from morning ‘til evening. If the wedding is fantasy themed, this hairdo leaves plenty of versatility for adding accessories to fit the theme.
Use a volumizing product for airy locks. Gather the upper section of hair and pull it to the back of your head. Spray the bottom section of your hair with a product that allows for movement but will still maintain your style.

French Twist

The French twist is a classic style that emphasizes the beauty of a lady at any age. You may choose either the smooth or curly variation of the twist depending on the fit of your dress. However, today the loose variation of the French twist is the most popular.

Curly Bun

Gather all of your hair into one bunch of gorgeous curls, and fix them in place with a small clip or hair accessory. This look is recommended for medium length, curly hair. It is also ideal for thin hair.


Braids are a great alternative to the French twist. Experiment with some or all sections of your hair in braids. Keep the braid somewhat loose, as a tight braid will add age to your face.
These are some of our favorite recommendations for the mothers of the brides and grooms. However, each lady is different. So, be sure to take into account your figure, face shape, hair and eye color and of course, the style and color of your gown.
Your guests will marvel at how exquisite your daughter will look at your age or with what elegance your son was raised!

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