The Best Floral-Style Dresses by Nataya

by Karen

Women are often compared to delicate flowers. That’s probably why we, as women, love to look like vivid flowers and their beautiful petals. Some ladies prefer being inimitable like orchids, and some gals prefer being super-exotic like African whimsical flowers that break our conception of normal flora and fauna. Still, any lady loves to look like a flower. Some dresses and outfits by Nataya can make you look like a beautiful and lovely flower. We have looked through all of our collections and have created a list of the top floral wedding dresses and other floral apparel by Nataya.

 The newcomer to Nataya’s Collection— the Empire-Style Juvenile Dress in lavender—reminds one of the Scabiosa columbaria “Butterfly Blue” (pincushion flower), doesn’t it? The vivid style and color of this dress begs to be paired with the same flowers as the bouquets or wrist corsages. These flowers will look just perfect both on alternative brides and bridesmaids. Another recent addition to Nataya’s Collection, the Empire-Style Dress in turquoise reminds one of the tiny flower of the creeping myrtle. You may have seen this garden plant before, and if so, you may know that it always stands out in the saturated emerald-green foliage of its natural surroundings. Even the smallest number of the aforementioned flowers will always stand out, and you must take that into account if you are planning a garden wedding! The next blue dress reminds us of the truly aquatic flower—the water lily. The style and contour of the silhouette looks great for mermaid weddings, beach weddings and weddings near swimming pools or fountains. The following two dresses remind one of Persian buttercups or Ranunculus asiaticus. The whimsically bended petals of these flowers look like the bobble bottom of the wedding dress. We cannot help but be reminded again of the main advantage of these dresses—they look like princess-styled gowns but are as airy as any other dress by Nataya. Ballerina outfits in rose and mint colors look like exotic roses or orchids. These outfits are great for board weddings, vintage-styled jazz weddings and all luxury-styled weddings regardless of your real budget. These outfits always look glorious on the gals who wear them. Both the form and name of the next dress speak for themselves in relation to the flower from which the garment derives its description. Nataya’s Tulip Dress in the empire waist looks like the classic red tulip. This dress is great for formals and informal evening events, and it is also a godsend for the offbeat brides. The fuchsia style, not the color or the bell silhouette, may be tracked in the following two-piece set by Nataya. The outfit is great for jazz and Roaring Twenties weddings. It looks really great on gals with long hair. The next Baroque-style dress reminds one of the hyacinth and fuchsia. The saturated style and color of the dress looks really great on brides, bridesmaids, prom gals and older ladies. The style and color of the dress emphasizes the natural beauty of the owner. Last but not least, here is the Artisan Dress by Nataya. The smoke violet color of the dress truly reminds one of Dutch violet flowers. The dress is great for orangery and garden weddings, homemade weddings in halls and vintage-styled weddings modeled on the Prohibition Era.

If you want to shine like a flower, don Nataya’s dresses.

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