Your beauty, your wedding!

by Karen

Your beauty, your wedding! Try to think of a day when you are going to feel more beautiful – I bet you can’t! That’s okay, it is your wedding day and all eyes are on you. Take in every moment of it and enjoy. You have worked hard to make this day the most special and what you have decided on for your hair and makeup are just part of the details. Here are some ideas to get you thinking.


For your hair you will need to decide if you want to put it up, leave it down, add a veil, incorporate floral accents…and the list will seem endless. Start with the idea that yes this is a big special day, but you want to be somewhat comfortable too. If you normally wear your hair down, putting it up may cause you to worry about if it is going to fall down. In contrast, if you regularly wear your hair up, going with it down may cause you to brush it off your shoulder incessantly. Although neither scenario may happen, it is a good thought to have. Now, veil or no veil? If you prefer a more traditional wedding, stick with the veil. If you want to delve into something modern and vintage at the same time, think about flowers or a small headpiece to adorn your locks. Either is your choice. Be sure you get what you want. A tip, whether you will wear your hair up or down, you should go to the salon for a practice run a couple of weeks before the big day. You need to see how this style will stand up to a normal day so you know how it will behave on the big day.


So, everyone has an opinion on this subject for you don’t they. Well, here is mine. Keep it simple. If you don’t wear fire engine red any other day of the year, then don’t wear it for the first time on your wedding day. You should be looking for colors and shades that accent your features. Choose one feature you would like to make sharper and dress that up a bit, but don’t go crazy. For instance, the shadows on this picture are dazzling, but if all of her makeup were this exaggerated it would take away from the dress and the day itself. Don’t be afraid to try something different, just don’t jump off the cliff into something distracting.


Such a small thing to think about, but your outfit, hair, and makeup are not complete without your nails being done. A manicure and pedicure will do two things for you. First, you will get to relax while someone else tends to your needs for an hour or so. Second, you have been cramming so much into each day leading up to the wedding I bet you haven’t even taken a glance at the chipped polish, the hang nail, or the dry cuticle – you deserve this break! Sit back in the big comfy chair, put your feet in the tub and let this hour get you in the mood for a beautiful day.

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