Accentuate Your Face with the Perfect Hairstyle

by Karen

It seems that many of you lovely ladies are reading up on wedding haircuts. We dedicate today’s post to you.
The Gatsby-style wedding theme is increasingly popular. With so many various face shapes, it is essential that you choose just the right haircut to look truly breathtaking on your big day.
Let’s assume that you currently have a really glamorous cut, and you have read the previous three articles about wedding haircuts. You still need to find the perfect hairstyle for the haircut that you already have. You probably know from our previous articles that even the shortest haircut can be absolutely stunning when paired with the right headpiece or hair clips. Tiaras and fresh flowers are always a lovely choice as well.
Here are the five main face shapes:
Can’t quite figure your facial shape? Here’s a little trick. Outline the contour of your face with a lipstick or a washable marker on a mirror. Another option is to outline the shape of your face in a large photo. Then determine which shape it most closely resembles.
Choosing Your Perfect Hairstyle
Oval Face: As mentioned in previous articles, ladies with the oval shaped face are the luckiest of all, as virtually any haircut looks great on you. If you have facial features that you aren’t so much a fan of, you can draw attention away from them with the right hairstyle.
A sparkly Gatsby-style headband or ribbon looks marvelous. Consider using gel to hold waves adorned with fresh flowers. A smoother look goes splendidly with a birdcage veil.
Sparkly Gatsby-style headband
Vintage Fashion Sparkly Gatsby-style headband
Triangular or Round Face: Many bobbed hairstyles without bangs look great on these types of faces. Choose a stylish 60s look. Do a search of Natalie Wood’s signature hairstyles to select the right style for your length. The key word for these hairstyles is volumize! It’s all about achieving volume. Then you get to pick the headband or tiara. Let us warn you, however, that this hairstyle is not recommended for the rectangular face.
Ladies with a triangular, rectangular, or square face should select a style designed for longer lengths. Bangs are a must! Experiment with wave and curls, and don’t be afraid to try extensions. Round faced ladies, we have styles for you, but you should avoid this look.
Round-faced gals need to keep your waves and curls higher on your head to give your face a longer and more oval look. Avoid waves near your cheeks and ears.
Rectangular and triangular faces should place the waves and curls near the ears.
Make a square face rounder with diagonal bangs and light waves all around the contour of your face. Tiny flowers and small pearls are good accents for your hairstyle.
Happy hair styling!

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