7 Best Plus Size Vintage Ideas for Fall

by Karen

In a previous blog entry, we mentioned vintage ideas for different figure flaws. But with so much to say and so many wonderful ideas for dressing the plus size figure, one blog post is just not enough. So today we decided to gather all the top ideas for plus size dresses you can wear to a variety different occasions and events.

1. It is commonly accepted that V-neck and V-shaped elements make height seem taller and the silhouette smoother. Also vertical elements give the illusion of a slimmer figure. Titanic Tops by Nataya have both, a v-neck line and vertical elements. Please note, that you need to buy the right size for yourself because a size bigger will have opposite effect.

Titanic Tops by Nataya

2. In combination with the aforementioned Nataya Tops you can create the most amazing forms and slimmer silhouette using palazzo pants and skirts with vertical embroidery. If you have a large upper torso as well an oversize lower figure but slender and even slim legs then it is better to use palazzo pants. If however, your overall figure is proportional, then it is better to use the Nataya Skirt Idea.

Nataya Skirt Fashion Vintage Idea

3. The idea of a Black Kaftan is another fantastic style with a strong vertical element in the middle. This will help to lose weight visually and look as glamorous as your average red carpeteer.

Black Kaftan Fantastic Style

4. Jacket Top with Embroidiery can be used if you have a plus size figure yet a very gracious gate. Again, this model was tailored with unique vintage vertical elements. This set, both, makes the height taller and silhouette slimmer.

Jacket Top with Embroidiery

5. If your gate is not too gracious and you’re prone to stooping, then it’s better to choose a Jacket with unique back element to make you visually more slender and gracious. Vertical and V-neck elements on the front also have the effect of making the bust line look slimmer.

Jacket With Vintage Fashion Unique

6. It colors generally don’t make the figure look slimmer. If you choose a blouse with parallel vertical elements and embroidery under the bust line, the effect for the figure may also be slimming, regardless if its colors are light and bright. One thing should be remembered however; wear something darker and longer underneath the blouse. The darker top should finish under the widest line of hips.

Fashion Vintage Green Dress

7. Nataya Tulle Dresses with v-neckline and embroidery can make you look splendid on your Party day. Use this style when you have a marked waistline. It will make you look slender due to the rule of golden proportions. This body is available in different colors so it can be used not just for Fall Vintage Inspired Weddings.

Nataya Tulle Fall Vintage Inspired Wedding
Try to pin-point your uniquely beautiful body parts and use them to your advantage ladies! It is real and it really works…

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