13 Devilish Vintage Prom Ideas for Winter Prom Parties

by Karen

Winter begins! You need to plan everything just right for your winter holiday events, but of course not waste time stressing about your winter image over and over again! If you are young, everything is attainable: love, success, worship, admiration. You are allowed to do almost anything you want: choose any style, makeup or haircut. You may have heard about vintage or perhaps even considered wearing something from other fashion eras and streams. One thing is certain, your main is to look unique and unlike anybody else! What better way to look unique than to dawn something grannies’ inspired that also happens to look very modern? So, let’s have a glance at some special devilish looks for desperate vintage inspired prom gals! To look like a juvenile bohemienne you can wear the Nataya Bohemian Dress in inimitable colors. This model will especially go for plus size ladies with short haircuts. Here’s an idea, dye you hair night black and be that cute bohemienne!

Nataya Bohemian Dress

 To look sexy and fresh, you need to wear the Nataya Empire Doll dress. If you position yourself like a lady cat then this dress was designed for you! Do not miss your sizes while they’re on sale! Apply a cat-eye makeup technique and you will complete the look.

Nataya Empire Doll dress

 To look like a rising star you just cannot do without Nataya Artisan dress. Even modest make up on your face will make you look fabulous. But this dress gives you a fleur of mystery and suspicion… is there something devilish inside you? 

Nataya Artisan dress

 To look like a modest Old Hollywood Diva dawn the One Shoulder Oscar Dress by Nataya. Applying smoky eye effect to your pretty eyes you will both reveal the color of your eyes and your splendid charm within.

One Shoulder Oscar Dress by Nataya

 To look neo-vintageous, someone like an Italian neo-vintage runway celeb you shouldn’t miss the Baroque Style dress by Nataya. This neo-vintage set is perfect for cold winter parties and you will feel quite comfortable at vintageous and modern parties.

Neo-vintage vintage dress

 To reveal your passionate nature you must use the Nataya Tango Lace dress. This perfectly hellish flame outfit will thaw the winter cold. Everybody will want to warm up next to you!

Nataya Tango Lace dress

 To excite like devilish charcoal while listening to the tunes of your favorite melodies you cannot miss the 1920’s inspired tango dress. You may dance any dance and choose your own color. Red will go great with coral lipstick whereas black will look perfect with a scarlet one.

1920’s inspired tango dress

 To look really roaring you should use the 1920’s inspired flapper dress idea. What dancer will do without a perfect pair of shoes? The eyeliner, lip gloss and a bird cage with flapper feather in smoky lavender are up to the roaring devilish flapper style.

1920’s inspired flapper dress

 To reveal you perfect slender legs you are to wear another 20’s short dress. The blue one will be perfect for the blondes and light headed gals. The black will go with any hair color. But if you belong to the fall season color, you should choose the perfect makeup.

20’s short blue dress

 Not only to reveal your perfect legs but also to emphasize their shape you will be to use the Chinese style jacket. This vintage set will attract everybody’s attention, be sure of that!

Chinese style jacket

 To reveal your perfect shapes but remain classy, feminine and not vulgar you should add the fancy sensuality top by Nataya to your short list of vintage devilish attire. No one will resist. Locks or boyish haircuts will both look awesome with this set.

Fancy sensuality top by Nataya

 To complete your mystical silhouette and demonstrate your inner magic, you may use the Black Kaftan. It will appear perfect with the right palazzos.

kaftan for winter promotion

To look like a dark swan you need only to try on this Black Swan Dress. This dress will never go out of fashion so, who knows, maybe you will make a decision to dawn this dress ten years later.

Black Swan Dress

 This style navigator is based on the survey of young ladies’ tastes. What will be yours?

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