The 10 Best New Nataya Dresses for Vintage Christmas Parties

by Karen

Dear fans and customers, the best holiday of the year is coming. We’re talking about Christmas, of course! You may make it a delightful event with a homemade prom inspired by Jane Austen or Downton Abbey. You might organize Christmas Victorian-inspired tea weddings. You may host Prohibition parties inspired by Christmas during the Roaring Twenties. Whatever your choice and trend, we are always glad to help you choose the right dress for the occasion.
We are glad that you have used our coupons and purchased the new dresses and styles by Nataya. You probably cannot even wait until you don the new apparel for your upcoming parties, and Nataya’s sets and vintage-inspired clothing are still full of splendid ideas for your wardrobe. Today, we’re choosing the best apparel for homemade vintage parties.
The first dress on our list is one of our bestsellers — the Victorian-Inspired Dress in sage. This dress is Nataya’s classic model, and that means it will always be waiting for you at Choose your size and the best accessories for the dress to make yourself look truly Victorian. The pip necklace in crotchet plus modest Victorian heels and ridicule in sage will make you the true, gracious hostess of any Christmas evening affair.
Victorian-Inspired Dress in sage
If you love the Titanic and Victorian lines by Nataya and are planning your wedding parties right in the middle of December, you’ll be happy to know that many of our Titanic-style gowns in ivory are still available in different sizes. You may choose one of our ideas for a vintage Christmas wedding or find yours on your own, but this dress is definitely one of the best for this purpose.
There may be ladies who prefer the rather lively Roaring Twenties to modest and romantic Victorian epochs. In this case, we gladly remind you of another bestseller in Nataya’s collections — the Gatsby Dress in crème. The model is also one of Nataya’s signature dresses; thus, it has been released in many colors each season. Its unnecessary to remind you of the versatile characteristics of the dress — the color may look great for a both wedding party and the mother of the bride.
Titanic-style gowns in ivory
Moreover, we cannot help but to boast about another new arrival here at The Next Ballerina Dress was one of our bestsellers until it was sold out. Today, the dress has returned and waits for its happy owner. La Belle Époque-inspired rosettes in black over the light fabrics in ash-rose colors always look great on ladies of any age. Please, dear ladies, hurry up and get yours before it is sold out once again!
Ballerina Dress
Most of our younger and petite customers here at may still remember our empire-style dresses in lavender or berry colors. These styles are selling out quickly, so please make your choice before it’s too late.
The Aqua Dress by Nataya is perfect for a jazz wedding or jazz Christmas evening. The perfect silhouette of the dress with the whimsical vertical embroidery will make your silhouette look slimmer, younger, and more romantic. The best match for this dress is the band of pears (3-4 rows) on the neck. If you prefer artificial pearls, you may love mint-colored pearls as they will be the best match for the aforementioned dress.
Aqua Dress by Nataya
The new Titanic Dress in mauve reminds us of the days of Victorian Christmas events that we used to see on many vintage postcards from those epochs. The reproduction of famous silhouettes will definitely meet and surpass your expectations. As usual, this silhouette should be paired with a string of white pearls.
Titanic Dress in mauve
If you prefer darker colors for your vintage-style Christmas, you may enrich your Victorian- or Edwardian-inspired collection with Nataya’s dress in gun gray and metallic. The style of the dress recalls the beautiful divas of silent movies; thus, if you use pure red lipstick and indigo-black mascara, you won’t need any other accessories to pair with this style.
Edwardian-inspired collection with Nataya’s
That’s not all! It would be careless of us not to remind you of our new arrival — the Ash-Pleated Dress by Nataya. The price for this dress was lowered until November 30, and so many ladies became happy owners of this style. If you love happy family dinners at the table with candles and vintage dishes, you will love this dress because it will be always be very pretty and bourgeois.
Ash-Pleated Dress by Nataya
We wish you a merry vintage Christmas!

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