10 Best Nataya dresses for Christmas time

by Karen

It’s hard to believe it was one year ago when we posted our ideas for Christmas vintage weddings. Time flies, and the new arrivals in Nataya’s family of beautiful and feminine styles allow us to suggest some more new ideas for vintage-style affairs.

 Today, let us focus on Nataya’s best dresses for Christmas homemade parties. We have chosen ten of the best Nataya dresses for Christmas time. Get these or any other similar ideas you may find in our catalog for the perfect Christmas look. Let’s get started! The first bestseller we would like to highlight is the Empire-Style Dress in lavender or berry. The empire waist and light feminine style of the dress is begging you to pair the dress with Edwardian or Victorian accessories.

Empire-Style Dress in lavender or berry
Empire-Style Dress in lavender

Next we have the aqua-style dress in light tulle vintage style, it does a great job of emphasizing your best and hiding your worst. This dress, with its one-of-a-kind embroidery, is perfect for gals living in the American South or in countries with a warm climate.

aqua-style dress in light tulle vintage style

 Want to be a baby doll? What about the pretty sugar fairy inspired by Tchaikovsky’s melodies? It’s all possible with the next Nataya dress in babydoll style. The light fabrics of the dress are great for ladies aged 25–35.

Nataya dress in babydoll style.

 Our list wouldn’t be complete without the new arrival to Nataya’s family of Titanic dresses. The style is noble and the price is affordable even for those who earn an average income. Moreover, the colors are fit for vintage-style Christmas traditions.

Nataya’s family of Titanic dresses

 If you still insist on traditional mauve variations, you may fall in love with another style by Nataya. The Titanic-Style Dress in tea length is a great style for ladies aged 30 and older. Wear the dress with a string of light pink pearls, and you’ll be reminded of the good old days of Edward’s reign and the ladies’ fashion of that time.

Titanic-Style Dress in tea length

 The ash pleated Fairy Dress by Nataya is another perfect Edwardian-style dress that also reminds us of some of the best-known scenes from Downton Abbey. Our Facebook fans have shown to love this dress very much. Perhaps this is the perfect style to emphasize your beauty on Christmas Eve?

Fairy Dress by Nataya

 The B-82 Amethyst Lace Tulle Nataya Skirt in mauve and the amethyst camisole is the best Californian pair for an Old Hollywood-inspired Christmas party.

Amethyst Lace Tulle Nataya Skirt

 Finally, if you are starving for something that really roars, you may find the Nataya Jazz-Style Silhouette Dress in sage/pink as the most suitable style for your affair. Now, let’s finish our posting with some roaring jazz tunes!

Nataya Jazz-Style Silhouette Dress

 Happy homemade Christmas!

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