10 Best Fall Prom Dresses by Nataya Primary tabs

by Karen

Halloween parties are the obvious draw of the fall, but don’t forget that engagement and work-related parties are huge during the Fall season. With the high season of approaching, we have done the work for you, looked through all our bestsellers and then some to compile some of the most spectacular Vintage Inspired Styles that will make you the envy of all your Fall Special Occasions. vintage tops, vintage gowns, vintage dresses, vintage inspired dresses, vintage inspired gowns, dresses for fall ball, dresses for fall parties, dresses for fall promotion, vintage dresses for fall promotion, vintage dresses for fall engagement

1. Romantic sleeves

Whatever the occasion is you may dawn the Neo Classical Dress with puffy sleeves. It will be suitable for any type of occasion starting from a first date all the way to your promotion.
Romantic Sleeve Dresses

2. Extraordinary Flirting Ideas

If you graduated from school long ago and if you are not engaged then you are probably planning to find your soul mate. Royal Flirt Dresses will solve your problem. Nobody can resist this stunning outfit.

Royal Flirt Dresses

3. Tango Idea

If you are love the tango then Nataya Ideas for Tango dancers may help you boast with your talent on the dance floor.

Nataya Ideas for Tango

4. Ideas for Fall Waltz

If you prefer elegant Waltz to expressive Tango, you may want to try Vintage Romance Dress by Nataya. Wearing this dress you will feel the real rhythm of Victorian Waltz. You may choose any color you want. They are all romantic.

Vintage Romance Dress by Nataya

5. Ideas for Extra Speed Dancers

The ones who are quick on the dancefloor and prefer good ol’ Charleston or even quicker dances can choose Short Dresses from Nataya Collection.

Short Dresses from Nataya Collection

6. Poetic Style for Pants

Sometimes ladies prefer looking quite different from all the rest by wearing pants and romantic tops. If you’re one of those, try the Poetic Peasant and Fancy Sensuality Tops by Nataya. These tops are an unbelievable match to the pants, palazzo pants and fitted leggings.

Poetic Peasant and Fancy Sensuality Tops by Nataya

7. Old Hollywood Classic

All worldwide runways demonstrate vintage inspired gowns. The Old Hollywood Classic has never been so popular as the coming winter 2011 and spring 2012. You may be first to join these trends.

Old Hollywood Classic

8. Vintage Ideas for Young Romantic Ladies

Empire Doll Collection is right for those seeking the extra romantic and glam allure. You can “burn” any Fall Party with your extra glam outlook.

Vintage Ideas for Young Romantic Ladies

9. Titanic Romantic Collection

After James Cameron’s Movie, the Titanic Vintage Line was released and is now is used by many celebrities and their stylists. 13 years passed but the boat is still alive… in dress form. Romantic fleur about Rose’s Dresses make every romantic lady look for something similar and strike everyone at Fall Parties.

Titanic Vintage Line

10. White Swan/Black Swan

Tchaikovsky, Swan Lake… together they impressed many designers, inspiring the creation of entire collections. Young girls have also been using these styles for over of 100 years! Black Swan Style marks elegance and mystery. White Swan Style, in its turn, claims romantic fleur surrounding young lady. It is not necessary to be a ballerina to feel the ballerina within.

White Swan/Black Swan

We wish you to be the center of the Fall Ball!

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