Best vintage inspired ideas for weddings: The 40’s inspired school wedding

by Karen

The ideas of school weddings are not new. Some of the school influenced ideas originally appeared in the 30-50’s. There were many reasons for its emergence, for instance some couples didn’t have money to celebrate their affairs, and others married in secret with their former teachers lending a helping hand, and some were simply looking for romantic inspiration… Nonetheless, the school theme weddings are still alive and we are here to share our tips to bring your childhood back for the most significant day of your life. Recently couples were influenced by rockability trends and the late 40’s romantic “odors”. They made a whimsical combination of school years, Halloween and the 40’s inspired fashions. The alternative and offbeat brides rushed into salons to have their hair styled in the look of the 40’s. Also these unique ladies influenced on the creation of “ready to-wear” collections of ankle warmers or gaiters. So, let’s ring the school wedding bells and find the most offbeat ideas for alternative weddings. How do you feel about a yellow school bus as transportation to your wedding? You can even rent one for all your guests. You can sing childish songs, play school games while having a school inspired wedding excursion. Do not forget a pair of maracas or rumba shakers. If you cannot boast with extra ordinary musical skills these Latino instruments will give you a hand. And here are even more exclusive ideas to make your dream school wedding come to life. Use school badges for all your guests. First, use them as invitations (instead of invitation cards), then use them as ice-breakers during the affair. Don’t you love it? Want something more unique and classic? Use three boxes styled as school textbooks. Our grannies used to bind them with the ribbons. They carried such books by hand and inspired all modern Hollywood film directors to shoot images of gals with fitting locks and three or four school books in their hand bound with one ribbon. You definitely need to put your invitation message into one of these “books”. School flowers are always simple, and not extravagant. Asters, chrysanthemum, golden-daisies, and some tiny roses will decorate your wedding lodge, i.e. your self-made classroom, nicely. Also, the bride should better apply tiny flowers to the side of her head where the temple is, right next to one of the forties-styled locks. Or, another idea may be to wear a perfect corsage on the wrist, it will give you that truly 40’s inspired glam chic look. Most gals in the early 40’s were dreaming about those flowers, so why not make their dreams come true on Your Wedding day! It is not necessary to mention that you can use either a schoolyard or a school classroom for your wedding location. Start your wedding procession after the bell rings. You can arrange all school desks in the shape of a rectangle and sit right in the center of it using your own wedding school desk. Put tiny red apples on each place. It will look really symbolic. But nothing will strike your guests better than extraordinary school sandwiches as favorites on a wedding school desk. You may enjoy preparing these sandwiches for your guests. And these ideas are perfect alternative for those who plan their wedding on a tight budget! The chosen wedding line will also inspire your photographer to create some truly memorable scenarios. Ideas like a photo shoot in the schoolyard, “rockability school kids”, a couple sitting at a table in a childish pose, a photo near the yellow bus. There is no limit to how creative you can be and all will work perfectly for you! The 40’s were the years of Christian Dior’s because these “prêt-a-porter” dresses had always been admired but much too pricy for school gals in the US and all over the world. So they just copied famous fashions, thus, bringing significant influence fashion on the streets. So now we need to pick up that perfect 40’s inspired wedding gown to match the 40’s inspired gaiters. Actually in the 40’s, the color didn’t play much of a role in wedding fashion. The color of choice was usually white, but because of World War II not all the brides could afford this perfect color. So now one of the rules to choose a proper 40’s inspired wedding set is no rule at all, choose any color or shade. You will look beautifully amazing in the Vintage Romance wedding gown. It will give you a juvenile air.

Vintage Romance white wedding gown

 Nataya inspired Grandma Dress will go perfectly with the chosen wedding line. Nothing will look so “fall” and “virgin” simultaneously as this perfect set!

Nataya inspired Grandma Dress

 As a variation, 1920’s inspired flapper dress will also go but do not forget about the right 40’s styled high –heeled shoes along with fitted gaiters! It looks like a flapper style, but if you have a strong wish you can turn this set into the perfect 40’s inspired informal bridal outfit.

1920’s inspired flapper dress

Vintage Hollywood Dress will also make you into a rockability star. It will also go with rockability inspired shoes without ankle warmers.

Vintage Hollywood Dress

 This perfect Nataya Set in Mauve is a spledid outfit for any 40’s inspired bride. It will go perfectly with any 40’s style haridoo or ankle warmers. This will be the perfect set for a photo shoot with a pair of vintage school books.

Nataya Set in Mauve

 Planning to shoot a sepia movie? This Rockabilly Skirt Set will transfer you into the vintage 40’s reality. Again that is a perfect outfit for very mad and offbeat brides. We hope, you want to break the mold of a simple and boring reality! 

Rockabilly Skirt Set

 Doesn’t this rockabilly set look truly school girl? You will find plenty of vintage ideas in Nataya wardrobe shop for your vintage inspired weddings.

Rockabilly Skirt black and white Set

 We decided to break the tradition and included the true classic set for the 40’s inspired wedding.

40’s inspired wedding

 And now we want to wish you a perfect noisy rockabilly school wedding!

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