Vintage Cocktail Flapper Dresses

by Karen

Vintage Cocktail Flapper Dresses
Many people associate cocktail dresses with muffled music, clinking of glasses and a semi-festive mood. Cocktail dresses however, have a special place in history. The requirements of dresses were partly dictated by the historic events. The 1920-s era of the prohibition caused a storm of protest and indignation among citizens. People wanted to have fun! Therefore, they organized secret parties and speakeasies where they were dancing and consuming illegal alcohol. Women were expected to attend the party in a beautiful dress, but dance all night long in a flowing evening gown was uncomfortable. Furthermore, it was almost impossible for the lady to stay unnoticed by police officers while on her way home from a party in the morning. These factors paved the way for the emergence of short cocktail flapper dresses of the 1920’s. Vintage style cocktail flapper dresses are loose in their cut so they don’t hamper your movements, and your step is easy and graceful. Ruffles, flounces, frills and extensive fabric tucks are often used to make these dresses more fetching and light. Opting for a vintage cocktail flapper dress is a wonderful alternative to a modern dress as the style, design and color work in today’s alternative movement. Even the classic black cocktail dress, made in a vintage style, has special charm of the vintage style. The most popular fabrics for vintage cocktail flapper dresses are crepe, chiffon, silk velvet with floral patterns or lace trim. These dresses are suitable not only for cocktail parties, but also for a business wardrobe. When you are choosing a vintage cocktail dress, do not be so quick to go with classic black, a variety of colors allows you to select a suitable dress that’s perfect for you. Vintage accessories and jewelry in a contemporary style are in fact suitable for cocktail dresses in a vintage flapper style.

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