Happy Flapper-ween!

by Karen

Welcome back, dear lovers of everything vintage. As you gear up for the Halloween holiday, we bring you the best of our vintage closet here at wardrobeshop.com. No tricks, only treats!
Many of our satisfied customers are donning our signature Downton Abbey or Titanic era dresses, mimicking the style of Daisy Buchanan. Truly, the flapper style headband and art deco inspired chains will complete the look of these incredibly versatile dresses from the 1919 to 1929 time period.
We have loads of prohibition era dresses that are sure to bring you an absolutely roaring Halloween. In keeping with the darkness of the holiday, check out our art deco velvet dress in black. This dress just begs to be paired with point toe shoes on mini heels and a black flapper style headband.
black flapper style dress
For a bit more whimsical feel, consider the Downton Abbey dress in sapphire and black. It goes great with a flapper style headband as well. However, we recommend that you clip your hair back with the Daisy Buchanan inspired hairclip, found exclusively here at wardrobeshop.com.
Downton Abbey dress in sapphire and black
flapper style white headband
Our Great Gatsby dress in black/coco is perfect for your Halloween art-deco party. The dress accentuates black or other dark colored lipsticks paired with smoky eye shadow, a true classic of a vintage inspired Halloween.
Great Gatsby dress in black/coco
The short, flirty party dress in dark sapphire colors is a smashing choice for Gatsby lovers of the 1920s style.
20s fashion party dress in dark sapphire color
The newest arrival in Nataya’s art-deco collection is the Nataya 40162 Art Deco Party Dress. Its chocolate and jade colors will look amazing at your art deco inspired parties. And if you get a last minute invitation, don’t worry! This dress flatters all figures, needs no accessories and goes perfectly with any type of flapper style makeup.
Nataya Art Deco Party Dress
If you are looking to display your Irish pride, we bring you the emerald 1920s inspired dress by Nataya. The traditional Irish colors look great with or without accessories.
Emerald 1920s inspired dress by Nataya
Our lovers of lighter colors, we haven’t forgotten you. Shop our closet to find some gorgeous flapper era dresses. The flapper tulle dress in beige and black colors is adorned with art-deco ornaments, sure to place you at center stage during your next party. Accessorize with fingerless gloves, headband and a black beaded clutch to complete the look.
Flapper fashion era dress
Make your grand entrance with a silver and bronze dress at the art deco party. It will complement the golden and bronze colors of the festivities. This dress is just waiting for you to accessorize.
Bronze dress at the art deco party
Nataya’s Daisy Tuxedo dress, 1920s style tango dress and butter colored 1920s style dress are excellent ivory-based choices for a Halloween jazz party with a Gatsby feel.
Nataya’s Daisy Tuxedo dress
Halloween jazz party
butter colored 1920s style dress
Moving on to pants, the Nataya Tuxedo jacket and palazzo pants are wonderful for those who model the Jordan Baker’s style rather than that of Daisy Buchanan. This set looks stunning on taller ladies as well.
Nataya Tuxedo jacket and palazzo pants
And of course, don’t forget your hat! There are two beautiful Gatsby era cloche hats in Louisa Voisine’s collection. Choose from the Elizabeth or the Lady Mary.
We’d love to share even more ideas regarding the flapper era inspired Halloween, but we think you’d enjoy yourself more if you clicked on over to our Gatsby era Fashion Collection page at wardrobeshop.com. Let’s see how many shoes, hats, accessories and jewelry pieces in Daisy Buchanan’s inimitable style you can find here. Take a peek at our 1920s inspired dresses that will truly turn your wedding party into something really roaring!
A happy flapper Halloween to you!

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